Customer Zone

Customer Zone complements all of the services offered by our Service Delivery Team. With instant access to a wealth of online information and services on BT.com, you'll save time and effort on many of your day-to-day tasks. Through Customer Zone you will gain access to the following:

Order placement service – that puts your orders directly onto our ordering system. Once you have submitted your order, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement detailing the order reference number - you can then track orders on Customer Zone through to completion.

You can place provide, modify and cease orders (including amend/cancel of in-flight orders) for:

  • PSTN (including Online LPE check and engineering appointment booking)
  • ISDN2
  • Private Circuits
  • Feature-line
  • Broadband

You can also place modify and cease orders (including amend/cancel of in-flight orders) for:

  • Featurenet 1000 & 5000 
  • CPE/Switches 
  • ISDN30 
  • Ancillary Services (temporary lines) 
  • Embark

Inventory tracking service – that gives you immediate, secure and up-to-date details about all your core BT products and services. It provides information against your lines and circuits, including rental and maintenance charges. This helps you control costs, provides accurate management information, and makes comparisons against your bills.

Key benefits

At your fingertips: online and any time

With Customer Zone you can work online when it suits you and manage your BT account securely and efficiently.

Order placement service

• Order placement simplifies ordering for a wide range of BT products including: simple PSTN phone lines, Featurelines, Broadband &  ISDN lines and  selected Private Circuits.

• You can order new products online, as well as modify or cease existing products, working quickly and more independently.

• 'Favourites' saves you time by saving set-up orders which you can modify and re-use later.

• You can easily track your orders according to your own specific criteria by using our advanced search functionality. For example, identify all orders placed by a certain individual. Or, you can simply choose to view your most recently placed orders over the previous 2 weeks using the view recent orders link.

• You are able to amend or cancel orders that you have placed up to 48 hours before installation from the order details page.

• Use the view recent order updates link to read new updates to your open orders over the past 24hr, 48hr or 5 day period.

• Track your order projects on Customer Zone, i.e., orders that you have chosen to group together.

• You can send a query to your service team to request an update, cancellation or amendment against a specific order; minimizing time spent on the phone.

Inventory tracking service

• Keeps track of all the BT products and services in all your sites, helping you to plan and rationalise costs efficiently.

• Our auditable online query functionality enables you to communicate with your Service team, minimising time spent on the phone.

• You can easily identify your inventory according to your own specific criteria by using our advanced search functionality. For example, identify all lines in a given location.

• Round-the-clock, secure access enables you to review your organisation's inventory when it's best suited to you.

Customer Zone Helpdesk

Customer Zone Helpdesk

You can contact the Customer Zone Helpdesk on 0800 0326293 (9AM – 5PM weekdays, excluding bank holidays) or myaccount-customerzone@bt.com for:

  • General help and advice about using the Customer Zone site.
  • New User Registration & Log in access changes.
  • Password resets.
  • Reporting a Customer Zone Fault.

For other issues not related to the Customer Zone Helpdesk please contact below numbers:

  • If you are a BT Wholesale customer (including communication providers and internet service providers) please call 0800 671 045. End users should call their supplier.
  • If you want to report a Fault for your PSTN or Broadband please call 0800 121 7667
  • If you have placed an order for which you want an update to, please call Service Delivery on 0808 100 7499.
  • If you have a Billing query, please call 0800 672331.

Customer Zone training

Online training is available to help you use the Customer Zone Portal.

We do recommend that you complete the full course but you can complete it module by module as you require, and of course, use it for future reference.

Customer Zone Training

Whilst using the Customer Zone Portal please refer to the “help and tips” section behind the link at the top right of most pages for support. If you can’t find the answer to your question there then you can, from within that page, open the training course and view specific modules if you wish.

If you require further support, please contact the Customer Zone Helpdesk.

Order and fault tracking

You can track your UK orders and faults without the need to log in to Customer Zone.

Please note - if your order reference begins with 1-1 then you will need to log in to Customer Zone to track that particular order.

Please note – If your fault reference begins with a “ 2- “ then you will need to log in to Customer Zone to track that particular fault.

Customer Zone access request