Euroclear’s EasyWay service

Connectivity to Euroclear’s EasyWay service with BT Radianz.

Referencia de BT Radianz EasyWay
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Euroclear’s new EasyWay service is an intuitive web-based interface between your business and Euroclear.

With its dynamic dashboard, EasyWay adds functionality, so you can work more efficiently and perform tasks more quickly. EasyWay also helps you better manage operational risks in real-time, in a totally secure environment.

As the world’s largest secure networked financial community, BT Radianz is the perfect network partner if you’re a Euroclear customer. Hundreds of Euroclear customers already choose BT Radianz for their connectivity needs, including connecting to EasyWay.

We can offer you:

  • security - our Radianz Cloud offers inherent security and privacy. Radianz also supports soft certificate – an easier to use, less complex security option
  • reliability and performance - Radianz offers an award-winning service backed up by service level guarantees and will reduce complexity while maximising performance
  • cost-effective - connecting to EasyWay using Radianz can be done quickly and cost effectively with little disturbance to your existing service
  • ease and speed - you can access EasyWay using your existing Radianz connection.