Radianz Venue Interconnect

Low-latency connectivity to the world’s key financial markets.

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In today’s competitive financial marketplace, speed is of the essence. Multi-asset, low-latency trading algorithms need direct access from anywhere in the world.

Whether you need to connect to global trading venues or market data sources, we offer a global, high-speed platform that connects the world’s key market centres. So, if you’re hosted in one centre, you can connect to any other major centre around the world.


  • deliver fast network speed with layer 2 connectivity up to 10Gbps, optimised low-latency and path connectivity
  • remove bottlenecks as our copper or fibre hand-off is at native interface speed
  • can support many different connections
  • give you the option to have a single link or benefit from a more resilient connection
  • help you monitor your network with our enhanced tool set
  • are in the same hosting centres as many of the key trading venue infrastructures, globally, making it easy to connect
  • fully manage your solution with our dedicated financial services engineering teams.