Endpoint security solutions

Protect your end users and applications with endpoint security solutions using the latest AI techniques.


What is endpoint security?

A complete endpoint security solution.

The constant evolution of IT environments means attackers are using new and sophisticated methods to infiltrate networks – with the endpoint being your last line of defence. As ransomware attacks rise, organisations are becoming more concerned about cyber damage and disruption. The expanding use of fileless and stealthy infiltration threatens the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of endpoint assets.

Our endpoint solutions address these threats by constantly monitoring activity at the endpoint. In our partnerships with Microsoft and CrowdStrike, leading providers of endpoint protection, we offer:

  • more accurate, intelligent and faster insights with AI-guided security management from a single cloud-based dashboard
  • a single cloud console to reduce endpoint security management complexity
  • rapid updates through a ‘single agent’ architecture and a simplified design
  • simplified workflows with context aware recommendations
  • problem remediation to maximise the protection of your IT environment

Managed Endpoint

What is Managed Endpoint?

Managed Endpoint is an endpoint security and protection solution from BT that detects a wide range of threats to snuff out any danger of cyber damage to your organisation.

Features include:

  • an automated hunting engine, processing 135m Indicators of Attack (IOA) decisions/min, 3 trillion events/week, tracking 130 active adversaries
  • an expert, managed threat hunting team, vigilantly monitoring, 24 x 7
  • a cloud native, simple architecture, lightweight single universal agent. No capital expenditure
  • regularly updated threat intelligence.

Why choose endpoint security solutions with BT?

It’s not just the solution that makes the difference, but who you choose to partner with. Why choose us for endpoint security solutions?

  • We’re truly global – we have 3,000 security experts and 16 security operations centres across the world.
  • We’re experienced – our experts perform the centralised monitoring and management of your service around the world, around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • We’re accredited – we’ve invested significantly in expertise, accreditation, and training to  future-proof your investment and maximise your protection.