Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solutions

Protect your business and keep up with a constantly evolving threat landscape with our industry-leading SIEM solutions.


What are SIEM solutions?

In today’s digital world, both protection and detection are critical elements of your cybersecurity strategy.

Organisations are increasingly reliant on the networks and IT infrastructure that support them. In the event of a cyberattack, the time from when the incident occurred to when it’s detected is vital. The shorter the time, the easier it is to contain it to both protect, and avoid the exposure of, sensitive business data.

SIEM tools provide real-time visibility across your IT environment, helping you understand what’s happening on your network and detecting incidents as they occur. They’re an effective solution for identifying malicious activities, threats, and attempted hacks before they become a problem.

Our SIEM solutions are designed to meet your specific business needs using market-leading technology. Our SIEM specialists handle deployment and configuration to find a solution that works for you, and you’ll get round-the-clock support from our accredited security team. Detailed reporting offers complete visibility over system health and threat activity, and we’ll help you analyse and understand your data for the best response. 

Our SIEM products

Managed Security and Event Management (SIEM)

Keep up with a constantly evolving threat landscape with our fully managed SIEM solution.

What is Security Managed SIEM?

Security Managed SIEM is a fully managed and customisable SIEM solution tailored to meet your specific business needs, using the latest technology from our industry-leading partners like IBM QRadar.

Monitored around the clock by our expert security teams to protect your most important assets, you’ll also get:

  • expert managed deployment, configuration, and monitoring
  • access to detailed security reports about system health and threat activity
  • cyber SOC analytics to help you analyse and respond to SIEM data and insight.

Cloud SIEM with IBM QRadar

Mitigate threats and prevent business-damaging compromises and data loss with our cloud-based SIEM solution.

What is Security Cloud SIEM?

Security Cloud SIEM is a cloud-based SIEM solution powered by IBM QRadar that combines threat detection, incident response, and collaborative threat intelligence. With our solution, you’ll benefit from faster threat detection and response times as well as valuable contextual detail to help you understand threats.

You’ll also get:

  • access to our Cloud SIEM dashboard to see organisational risk posture and generate on-demand compliance reports
  • continuous monitoring by our global SOCs, with pre-defined escalation playbooks for a quicker incident response
  • a single, consolidated view of your security estate, aligned with industry standards for compliance.

Managed Sentinel

Let our global security experts install and manage your Microsoft Sentinel platform for you.

What is Managed Sentinel?

Managed Sentinel provides your organisation with a 24x7x365 threat monitoring service that is managed on your behalf from one of our global cyber Security Operation Centres.

You’ll also have access to:

  • expert analysis of your risk and threat landscape, providing continuous improvement to your security posture by tuning and optimising your Microsoft Sentinel environment
  • triage, investigation and threat incident response and remediation from trained and skilled security analysts and professionals
  • customised detailed reports showing critical information and trends of your current threats including our recommendations for improvement.

Why choose SIEM solutions from BT?

It’s not just the solution that makes the difference, but who you choose to partner with. Why choose our SIEM solutions?

  • Performance, scalability, and reliability – our services are highly scalable to meet the needs of all organisation sizes. Our experience in building resilient infrastructures will ensure the reliability of your solution, with 24 / 7 monitoring of all software and hardware
  • Proactive engagement– our accredited SOC analysts will monitor your SIEM around the clock
  • Global expertise – we have years of experience protecting both ourselves and the largest global organisations from a myriad of security threats, and we’ll use this expertise to support you
  • Professional services – we can provide you with technical consultants on an “as needed” basis to complement your business’ in-house skills
  • Use case library – we have an extensive library of use cases that can easily be deployed in your SIEM solution.