Zero Trust Security

Take a strategic approach to cybersecurity and gain greater visibility and control with Zero Trust security advisory services from industry experts.


What is Zero Trust security?

A holistic approach to cyber security 

Workplace evolution and agile working styles mean that business applications and data are accessed from multiple devices inside and outside the business perimeter. The ‘trust but verify’ model, adopted by many companies, is no longer sufficient to prevent exposures to data breaches, malware and ransomware attacks. Protection is now necessary regardless of users or devices location and beyond traditional business perimeters. Companies need to establish a Zero Trust security model to protect their data whilst also securing a seamless work of applications.  

Zero Trust is a security approach that requires verification from everyone trying to gain access to data or resources as inherent trust within the network is removed. It does not include a single technology like identity and access management but a holistic strategy upon which to build security.

The Zero Trust security model comes with four core benefits: reduced business risk, access control over cloud environments, reduced risk of data breach and compliance initiatives support.

Our capabilities

What are our Zero Trust security advisory services?

You’ll need a thorough understanding of what’s connected to your network and the security risks it represents, plus you’ll want to know how IoT and adopting new technologies like SD-WAN affects your risk.

We can:

  • Help you develop your identity management strategy and work out which access management solutions you’ll need to protect your most valuable assets
  • Use our physical asset discovery service so you can see exactly what’s on your network and put the right cyber defence solutions in the right place
  • Enable you to manage your risk while you adopt new technologies, integrating security controls and threat visibility into your strategy. 

Why choose security advisory services with BT?

It’s not just the solution that makes the difference, but who you choose to partner with. Why choose us for Zero Trust security advice?

  • We manage over 180,000 global identities within BT and our partner ecosystem every second of every day.
  • We’ve developed a proven Zero Trust framework to help you identify the architectural stages required to follow this approach.
  • Our consultants work with national standards bodies including NIST and the UK NCSC to improve industry knowledge and definitions for Zero Trust.
  • We’re continuously assessing the technical capabilities of the workload protection sector, a key aspect of Zero Trust frameworks, to provide advice and recommendations.