Make your dispatch operations teams more effective

Boost your collaboration and effectiveness with an integrated control room solution.


The role of your command and control team has evolved and with that, so have the expectations of what they do and how they do it. 

Your staff are looking to refresh technology and to add new features, functions and applications as needed. They want to work in a different way, collaborating using many different platforms and services.

What if you could improve effectiveness by making sure the communications tools your control room needs are in one place? Bringing together radio, telephony, video, Skype and recording systems, into a single, integrated operating environment to improve your operational efficiency and flexibility?

We give your operations teams the tools to instantaneously receive information from different sources, process that data, present it in an easy to understand way tailored for their role, to their device of choice. This helps you assign tasks to field personnel.

Featured products

Our Command solution offers a high-capacity communications console for dispatch operations professionals.

It combines collaboration, telephony and radio communications into a single platform..

Command helps:

  • increase operations room staff effectiveness with the communication tools they need in one place
  • visualise, prioritise, and action various types of communications through a rich, high-capacity user interface
  • give your operators the visibility and information they need to make the best possible decision, fast
  • your operators contact the right people immediately, improving effectiveness, resulting in better outcomes, greater efficiency and improved field force safety
  • improve the safety of field staff by making sure they have immediate communications when they need help
  • integrate with operational control systems to provide early warning alerts of system issues so you can preposition your resources to fix faults.

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