Nos collaborateurs à travers le monde sont des experts habitués à rendre votre entreprise plus rapide et plus réactive. Ainsi, votre entreprise peut relever les défis de la transformation numérique et se concentrer sur ce qui compte vraiment.

Bas Burger

CEO, BT's Global Services division

Meet the team

Ashish Gupta

Managing director, banking and financial markets

Ashish is responsible for managing our banking and financial markets customers.

Bernadette Wightman

Managing director, resources, manufacturing and logistics

Bernadette is managing director of our resources, manufacturing and logistics vertical.

Chet Patel

Global transformation and commercial officer & president, Continental Europe

Chet heads up the Commercial team in addition to the leadership roles he holds as president, Continental Europe and Global Transformation Officer.

Hriday Ravindranath

Chief Technology Information Officer, BT’s Global Services division.

Hriday is responsible for the technology strategy for Global Services.

Jennifer Artley

Managing director, technology, life sciences & business services

Jennifer is managing director of our technology, life sciences & business services vertical, in addition to being president, Americas.

Kevin Brown

Managing director, BT Security

Kevin is managing director of BT Security, with responsibility for all elements of our global security activity.

Kevin Taylor

President, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Turkey (AMEA)

Kevin Taylor is responsible for our business and operations across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Turkey.

Liz Walker

General counsel, responsible for legal, regulatory, governance and compliance activities

Liz leads our legal, regulatory, governance and compliance activities across the UK, Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia.

Maria Grazia Pecorari

Managing director, strategy and digital solutions

Maria Grazia combines her role as chief strategy and digital officer with full responsibility over our global portfolio and marketing teams. Maria Grazia was appointed president, digital, global portfolio and marketing in April 2017.

Martin Smith

CFO, BT's Global Services division

Martin is responsible for our core finance functions, including commercial and new business finance.

Rebecca Kilpatrick-Markovits

Chief HR officer

Rebecca leads a diverse HR team based in the UK, Continental Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa (AMEA), and the Americas.

Thomas Duecke

Managing director, design, delivery and service operations

Thomas is responsible for the customer service of all our customers around the world.


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