Blog · 05 Oct 2021

Buy or build? Expanding and scaling your voice

Your evolution as a telecom provider is essential for scaling your services and expanding your reach beyond domestic territories.

Chet Patel
Managing Director of Service and Portfolio, Business

Finding a reliable and trusted channel partner for voice is becoming an increasingly attractive concept to many customers.

We’ve seen companies who try to do this on their own, by investing in their own network infrastructure or developing their own communications platforms, but many have encountered challenges, such as:

  • an inability to compete – pressure to invest in new enterprise technologies impacts their ability to compete and deliver for their customers
  • a loss of traditional revenue – technology disruption of digital channels with contact centre platforms means regional telcos are losing traditional voice revenue
  • impacts on voice quality – offering a great customer experience to your users who’re increasingly using voice for their most important and complex interactions
  • geographic ambitions – it’s difficult for them to manage their customer’s ambition to go global due to their limited geographical presence.

In a market where being ahead of change is imperative for growth – finding a reliable and trusted channel partner for voice is an important conversation for many customers. Buying rather than building can offer considerable benefits.

Less risk, less cost

Using a partner’s capability means you can invest your time and effort in selling these propositions rather than on capital investment, and it mitigates the technology risk.

Breaking into markets faster

It can take a long time to set up platforms but buying rather than building enables you to enter markets quickly by leveraging the pre-existing capability.

Scale and experience

Our global team of around 17,000 people, our infrastructure and our regulatory experience means we can support our customers and channels in 180 countries.

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