Blog · 03 Jul 2019

Managed services: the future of command and control?

How do enterprises operating on legacy systems adapt to converging technologies

Director of market development – Americas

Today many enterprises are still running control room operations through their original infrastructure, which have become outdated in today’s digital-first world.

Legacy systems are reaching the point of failure, and without a new system in place, communications, operations and security are all at risk of being compromised.

Global demand for more seamless and effective operations is growing—blending on-premise, cloud and managed services to create an integrated hub. It’s more critical than ever to protect enterprise and customer data from global security threats, and to maintain the highest level of service, but with so many new technologies available, many businesses don’t know where to start.

As the global dispatch control market continues to develop, those who pursue a blended on-premise, cloud and managed service approach will lead the connected, global future.

So how do enterprises operating on legacy systems adapt to these converging technologies? And how can they go even further to an as-a-service solution, where businesses can fully customize the command and control operations they need to support their network?

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