Transform your operations control room

Transforming mission critical communications

The pressure on critical control rooms has grown. The volume of traffic is ever-increasing and there’s more dependence on the performance of your operations team. 

Historically, in the control room, there was the telephone, a mobile radio, an alarm system and separate mobile data services that provided your dispatch operators with the information and communications they needed to do their jobs.

But things have changed. IP is now at the centre of everything we do. A single device in your control room can provide the voice, video and data connectivity, ensuring comprehensive situational awareness and effective communications and collaboration capabilities.

Adding IoT bring together data and analytics that turn the data into actionable information that enhances situational awareness for your operators.

In the field, the demand for data has outstripped the need for voice until there’s a crisis and then voice communications remain paramount. But radios are being replaced by mobile devices that deliver both data and PTT voice, taking away the need for multiple devices.

What if you could combine many different elements onto a single, fully integrated platform to maximise your operators’ situational awareness and give them the best possible tools to respond to emerging issues?

We can give you the security, connectivity and mobility your critical communications need - from your control room to your end user devices. You can use a capex investment model or you consume it ‘as-a-service’, paying a single monthly charge for all of your critical communications equipment.

You can have your end-to-end critical communications delivered as a fully managed service, making the transition from traditional radio infrastructure to IP and mobile broadband-based solutions simple.