Papier blanc · 24 Jul 2023

All-IP: navigating the PSTN shutdown

Discover how to navigate the imminent PSTN shutdown and upgrade to All-IP services with ease, including a 5-step plan to ensure a seamless transition.

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), the traditional analogue technology that has connected homes and businesses for decades, is nearing its end.

BT Group announced the planned shutdown of PSTN, with the UK switch-off scheduled for 2025 and global shutdowns currently underway. As an IT decision maker, understanding the impact on your organisation's infrastructure and services is crucial.

In this mini-whitepaper, we provide guidance on how to navigate the PSTN shutdown and make the most of the opportunities presented by the transition to digital phone services, also known as All-IP.

In this paper, we explore:

  • the differences between PSTN and All-IP
  • the things you should take into consideration when replacing legacy services for:
    • simple voice
    • complex / corporate voice
    • special services
  • a five step plan for switching from PSTN to All-IP.

Download our whitepaper today to ahead of the game and ensure a successful migration.