Papier blanc · 12 Nov 2019

Improving the plumbing: Tackling post-trade inefficiencies

How new technologies are acting as a driver for post-trade transformation within the global capital markets industry.

Although the post-trade ecosystem is seen as the ‘plumbing’ of financial services, mainly hidden but crucial, its role in ensuring the industry’s health made it key to global post-crisis regulatory reforms.

Firms have now had to deal with over a decade of rapid regulatory changes and the huge operational costs these incur. At the same time, they’ve also been coming to terms with the realities of shrinking margins and the need to both increase efficiencies and work towards a more sustainable business model across the board.

This report, produced by The Realization Group, features exclusive insights from a range of industry thought leaders. It explores how many firms are now turning to technology investment to redress the balance and are starting to explore how new technologies can further drive their post-trade transformation, while also exploring how the industry can collaborate to embrace common standards.

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