Papier blanc · 08 Jun 2023

What makes a smart home smart?

Explore ‘Matter’, the future of smart home connectivity.

Until recently, smart automation and Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the home have largely remained in siloed ecosystems based on vendor or product partnerships.

Consumers today often have to juggle separate applications and control systems for each of their different devices – creating unnecessary complexity across solutions that are meant to deliver convenience.

But now, the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) believes it may have the answer by rallying behind ‘Matter’ – a new open source connectivity standard for home automation and IoT. With Matter, users can seamlessly coordinate and securely integrate the different devices in their homes so that they can thrive together as a cohesive whole.

So, how will Matter disrupt the smart home industry and drive collaboration in the IoT environment?

In our whitepaper, our experts explore:

  • what makes a smart home smart?
  • the key components of Matter
  • how soon will Matter matter?
  • what’s driving the smart home ecosystem to develop?
  • the future of smart connectivity.

Download our whitepaper to discover more about the innovations behind a smarter, more connected world.