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Discover the value in your billing data

BT Analyst Converge gives you immediate access to your BT OneBillPlus data, and the capability to analyse it online without the need for separate software. As the information is now online, you will no longer need to receive any paper reports or itemisation. Better for the environment and better for you by making payment simpler, and reducing your administration costs.

BT Analyst Converge helped Cummins claim back £4,500 in costs incurred by a contractor.”

Stephen Layton
Cummins Business Services

Key benefits

Get your bill – and use it – sooner

The data in your BT OneBillPlus is a valuable resource, and the fresher it is the more value it holds. BT Analyst Converge enables you to access your data quickly – before you even receive your bill. BT Analyst Converge is:

  • Fast: save time, as you can view the data online before your bill arrives. We’ll send you an email each time your BT OneBillPlus is ready to be viewed.
  • Easy: simple and intuitive, it requires no specialist software and can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Powerful: enhanced analytical tools give you a strategic overview of your entire communications estate, tailored to your organisation’s cost structure.
  • Green: by using the Internet, you have complete control over what, and when, reports are printed, contributing to your environmental policies.
  • Secure: Your data is securely stored and with a personal user ID and password can only be viewed by you.

Key features and benefits

Manage your bill the way that suits you

BT Analyst Converge is far quicker than checking paper bills manually. BTAnalyst Converge can instantly analyse how the communications costs included on your BT OneBillPlus add up across your business. You can easily get an instant picture of who is spending what and manage reports so that budget centres receive only data relevant to them.

BT Analyst Converge can help your organisation make fact-based decisions more effectively and efficiently, with the benefit of being:

  • Online: automatically sending email notification when your data is available to view.
  • Secure: protecting your information with a username and password combination.
  • Easy-to-use: providing instant access to high-level analysis and drill-down reports via simple, intuitive menus.
  • Convenient: offering a choice of PDF, MS Excel and text output so you can view your data in your preferred format.
  • Efficient: highlighting key expenditure ‘Hotspots’ to help identify cost and saving opportunities at a glance.
  • Relevant: maintaining and running reports that show your cost centre information online to eight levels, relating your information to your organisation.

Detailed description

Handle data sooner, faster and more effectively

BT offers a family of analysis software products to help you to gain clarity and control over your communications infrastructure, making the most of your assets. These analytics tools highlight inefficiencies and indicate opportunities, enabling you to take control of your current systems, processes and organisation to ensure that no potential advantage is overlooked.

Once you have securely accessed your billing data you will be able to:

  • Use our high-level analysis tools to create an overview.
  • Drill down to specific sites, departments and users.
  • See where communications expenditure is most concentrated in your organisation.
  • Generate reports in PDF format, MS Excel or text format for easy use and comparison with historic data.

Analyst Converge demo report

This sample report shows just some of the compelling information available to you as a BT OneBillPlus customer and an Analyst Converge user. The information is available as separate reports for you to both analyse on line, and output to share with or present to colleagues. Please see a sample report.

Who should buy

We care for our customers

BT Analyst Converge is an online application offered to all BT Global OneBillPlus customers at no additional cost. We want to help you make smart decisions faster, to help you manage your communications estate.


Available to all BT OneBillPlus customers.

BT Analyst Converge is one of a range of products we offer free of charge to help you use your BT OneBillPlus data to your advantage.

BT Analyst Converge is available to any BT Global customer subscribing to BT OneBillPlus for one or more of the following:

  • Fixed line telephony
  • Mobile phone services
  • Broadband Internet
  • Private Circuits
  • Hosted Voice
  • SIP
  • VOIP
  • Internet Teleworker