Accelerate your threat detection and response

Continuously monitor your estate to spot security breaches and quickly respond to any alerts.

Our approach 

With any cyberattack, the time between breach and detection is critical.

If your network or IT systems are compromised, it’s vital that you can count on advanced threat detection to quickly detect and then contain the incident.

Developing threat detection capabilities or buying a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solution is only the first step; the hard work is in constantly tuning it to meet your requirements. Data log storage costs can quickly spiral out of control and the skills needed to run a Security Operations Centre (SOC) are hard to find and expensive.

So, what if you could get 24x7 SOC coverage without significant capex investment, reducing false positives and only needed to respond to critical alerts?

Using our network of 16 global SOCs, you’ll have a front-line defence against the latest cyber threats no matter when and where in the world they occur.  And with the enhanced threat intelligence we source from our global network, we’ll proactively seek out potential threats so you can fix vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.

All our threat solutions are also mapped to the industry-leading MITRE ATT&CK® framework, providing you with a standard step-by-step response methodology to follow when you’re dealing with an incident.