Our partners

Bringing you more choice through our partners.

From collaboration to innovation, we work with our partners to give you greater experience and choice.

It’s rare to achieve great things alone, especially in business. Others – your teams and your partners - can help you challenge yourself, enhance your ideas, fine tune your thinking and reach your goals.

We’ve built strong, strategic partnerships because we recognise that collaboration with other organisations is vital, especially in today’s digital world. By working with world-class partners, we achieve more and can bring you more of the great services you need, delivering end-to-end service without the headache of having to deal with the complexity of multiple suppliers and budgets. 

The partners in our ecosystem are key to our success. Together we offer you more choice, a better experience, greater simplicity and stronger security.

We have strategic vendor relationships with companies, such as Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and technology partnerships with the likes of Riverbed, DELL, Oracle, Polycom, Symantec, Checkpoint and many more.