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Our security intelligence and managed services help address challenges around data loss prevention, encryption, access to cloud services, and information risk management. 

We have the technology and the intelligence to spot and tackle cyber threats before they become the stuff of headlines. 

  • We monitor and manage over 100,000 customer and BT devices around the clock from 15 accredited global security operations centres
  • We protect BT from over 125,000 cyber attacks every month.

Energy & environment

Our 2020 ambition is to have helped our customers’ cut their carbon emissions by at least three times our own end-to-end carbon impact. Working with Carbon Trust, so far we’ve found 31 ways we can measure the drop in our customers’ carbon emissions. Their report describes how we work out how much carbon our customers avoid using, just by having our products and services, such as cloud collaboration services. Find out more about how we’re reducing our carbon impact and helping our customers do the same.

BT's well established international presence and strong local partnerships enable it to compete on a truly global basis, which is important in combatting global attacks quickly - something smaller players are unable to do.”

John Marcus, GlobalData, BT Global Managed Security Product Assessment, December 2018