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A comprehensive solution-based vehicle to address all aspects of federal agency information technology, telecommunications, and infrastructure requirements.

Enterprise Infrastructure Services

A comprehensive solution-based vehicle to address all aspects of federal agency information technology, telecommunications, and infrastructure requirements.

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BT’s IP Global Connect service connects your agency in the fastest, most efficient way and unlock your full potential. You can choose the access option with the performance you need at the right price for each of your sites. Take your agency to the next level of efficiency by removing the need for multiple networks and using a single platform that can be the basis for bringing your voice, video, mobile and conferencing services together in 170 countries. BT has PoPs in 180 countries around the Globe.

BT uses our IP GlobalConnect backbone to establish three basic solutions for VPNS: Intranet, Extranet, and Remote Access. IPGC effectively supports all traffic types:

  • Ethernet Transport Service.
  • Time-critical traffic such as voice and video with high quality and QoS.
  • Business-critical traffic such as transactions and applications.
  • Non-time critical traffic such as email.

BT’s Internet Protocol Voice Service (IPVS) provides voice communications service and telephony features to agencies using VoIP over a managed IP network via our BT One Voice service. We offer both a network-based (hosted) and premises-based telephone service over our global MPLS network with SIP trunking. Our Managed LAN Service for Voice ensures reliable high performance IPVS to the end user. BT One Voice:

  • Supports calls, to or from on-net or off-net locations by direct dialing.
  • Integrates old and new technologies for advanced solutions like cloud, video, collaboration and conferencing.
  • Can be deployed with a variety of end user devices (soft and hard phones) from leading manufacturers.

BT can connect customers to our SIP trunking service using a BT data network and through an internet connection, allowing customers to connect more sites to the service quicker and more cost effectively.

BT’s Managed Network Service (MNS) for EIS enables an agency to obtain a full suite of design and engineering, implementation, management, and maintenance services for your networks. Our MNS offering provides the necessary technical and operational capabilities that ensure the availability and reliability of agencies’ increasingly complex networks.

Under the MNS offering, the BT provides the overall management of your agency’s network infrastructure, including real-time proactive network monitoring, troubleshooting and service restoration. BTFederal is the agency’s single point of accountability for all networks managed under this service, including operations, maintenance, and administration activities.

We leverage the worldwide presence and engineering expertise of the larger BT with a special dedicated US Federal “wrap” in a 7x24x365 Network Operations Center located in Reston Virginia. The BTFederal NOC provides you the single point of contact for all issues.

BT Internet Connect Global gives you Carrier Grade Ethernet transport service over our Global MPLS backbone, providing:

  • Reduced management complexity – We manage and control every component of all your Internet connections.
  • Improved customer experience –Our guaranteed bandwidth ensures your applications can perform at their best.
  • Consistent high performance – The service is un-contended (1:1) in the BT Internet Connect Global network. The ordered bandwidth is fully guaranteed and always on.
  • Integrated with BT IP Connect Global, BT’s MPLS IP VPN –Gateways around the world between IP Connect and Internet Connect reduce the cost of providing Internet access and the time taken to deploy.

Contract Modification

Contract Modification Number Description Effective Date PDF Available
P00001Contract Sections  AEGJ Amended10/16/2017View PDF
P00002Contract Section F J Cloud12/04/2017View PDF
P00003Audio Conferencing01/04/2018View PDF
P00004Add Clarksburg CBSA (90)01/18/2018View PDF
P00005Contract Section  B J Amended01/24/2018View PDF
P00006Add Sioux Falls CBSA (92)01/24/2018View PDF
P00007Add Morgantown CBSA (93)01/24/2018View PDF
P00008Add Elkins CBSA (98)01/30/2018View PDF
P00009Add Jacksonville CBSA (91)02/06/2018View PDF
P00010Add Cumberland CBSA (99)02/06/2018View PDF
P00011Add Vicksburg CBSA (101)02/06/2018View PDF
P00012Add VA Beach CBSA (88)02/15/2018View PDF
P00013MTIPS  SCIF requirement02/15/2018View PDF
P00014Video Conferencing02/16/2018View PDF
P00015Add Lake City CBSA (102)02/21/2018View PDF
P00016Internet Protocol Service02/21/2018View PDF
P00017Add Elizabethtown CBSA (105)02/21/2018View PDF
P00018Add Harrisburg CBSA (106)02/26/2018View PDF
P00019Add Lincoln CBSA (112)02/27/2018View PDF
P00020Add Auburn CBSA (120)02/27/2018View PDF
P00021Add Brownsville CBSA (118)02/26/2018View PDF
P00022Add Charleston WV CBSA (95)02/26/2018View PDF
P00023Add Bangor CBSA (107)02/26/2018View PDF
P00024Add Bremerton CBSA (121)02/26/2018View PDF
P00025Add Pine Bluff CBSA (127)02/26/2018View PDF
P00026Add Des Moines CBSA (109)02/26/2018View PDF
P00027Add Tallahassee CBSA (129)02/26/2018View PDF
P00028Add Beckley CBSA (122)03/07/2018View PDF
P00029Add New Haven CBSA (126)03/07/2018View PDF
P00030Add Wichita CBSA (111)03/07/2018View PDF
P00031Add Huntington CBSA (108)03/07/2018View PDF
P00032Add Reno CBSA (114)03/07/2018View PDF
P00033Add Cheyenne CBSA (128)03/07/2018View PDF
P00034Add New Bern CBSA (166)03/07/2018View PDF
P00035Add Rapid City CBSA (174)03/07/2018View PDF
P00036Add Ft Wayne CBSA (178)03/07/2018View PDF
P00037Add Evansville CBSA (183)03/07/2018View PDF
P00038Add Columbia MO CBSA (201)03/13/2018View PDF
P00039Colocated Hosting03/22/2018View PDF
P00040Add Puerto Rico CBSA (94)03/22/2018View PDF
P00041Add Dark Fiber DFS03/21/2018View PDF
P00042Add Carbondale CBSA (173)03/29/2018View PDF
P00043Add Tucson CBSA (97)03/29/2018View PDF
P00044Add Madison CBSA (113)03/29/2018View PDF
P00045Add McAllen CBSA (130)03/29/2018View PDF
P00046Add London CBSA (136)03/29/2018View PDF
P00047Add Hinesville CBSA (145)03/29/2018View PDF
P00048Add Burlington CBSA (110)03/29/2018View PDF
P00049Add Gettysburg CBSA (148)03/29/2018View PDF
P00050Add Springfield CBSA (149)03/30/2019View PDF
P00051Add Scranton CBSA (115)03/30/2018View PDF
P00052Add Boise CBSA (117)03/30/2018View PDF
P00053Add Baton Rouge CBSA (124)03/30/2018View PDF
P00054Add Albany CBSA (140)03/30/2018View PDF
P00055Add Iowa City CBSA (208)03/30/2018View PDF
P00056Add Tyler CBSA (184)03/30/2018View PDF
P00057Add El Centro CBSA (189)03/30/2018View PDF
P00058Add Lawrence CBSA (207)04/03/2018View PDF
P00059Add York CBSA (213)04/03/2018View PDF
P00060Add Glens Falls CBSA (216)04/03/2018View PDF
P00061Add Great Falls CBSA (221)04/03/2018View PDF
P00062Add Hartford CBSA (125)04/03/2018View PDF
P00063Add Bakersfield CBSA (138)04/03/2018View PDF
P00064Add Muskogee CBSA (159)04/03/2018View PDF
P00065Add Billings CBSA (150)04/03/2018View PDF
P00066Add Grand Rapids (151)04/03/2018View PDF
P00067Add Manchester CBSA (155)04/03/2018View PDF
P00068Add Raleigh CBSA (116)04/09/2018View PDF
P00069Add Winchester CBSA (139)04/09/2018View PDF
P00070Add Peoria CBSA (188)04/09/2018View PDF
P00071Add Oxnard CBSA (163)04/09/2018View PDF
P00072Add Fargo CBSA (162)04/09/2018View PDF
P00073Add Corpus Christi CBSA (167)04/09/2018View PDF
P00074Add Barnstable CBSA (214)04/09/2018View PDF
P00075Add Key West CBSA (143)04/09/2018View PDF
P00076Add Show Low CBSA (147)04/09/2018View PDF
P00077Add Jefferson City CBSA (172)04/09/2018View PDF
P00078Add Toledo CBSA (202)04/10/2018View PDF
P00079Add Vallejo CBSA (215)04/10/2018View PDF
P00080Add Lawton CBSA (222)04/10/2018View PDF
P00081Add Eugene CBSA (170)04/10/2018View PDF
P00082Add Anniston CBSA (177)04/10/2018View PDF
P00083Add Traverse City CBSA (225)04/10/2018View PDF
P00084Add Helena CBSA (181)04/10/2018View PDF
P00085Add Danville CBSA (186)04/10/2018View PDF
P00086Add Rochester CBSA (157)04/10/2018View PDF
P00087Add Utica CBSA (194)04/19/2018View PDF
P00088Add Panama City CBSA (176)04/19/2018View PDF
P00089Add Hattiesburg CBSA (199)04/19/2018View PDF
P00090Add CarlsbAdd CBSA (200)04/19/2018View PDF
P00091Add Brunswick CBSA (182)04/19/2018View PDF
P00092Add Fairmont CBSA (131)04/19/2018View PDF
P00093Add Springfield MO CBSA (223)04/19/2018View PDF
P00094Add Parkersburg CBSA (89)04/19/2018View PDF
P00095Polycom04/19/2018View PDF
P00096Add Meridian CBSA (224)04/26/2018View PDF
P00097Add Trenton CBSA (187)04/26/2018View PDF
P00098Add Pensacola CBSA (104)04/26/2018View PDF
P00099Unified Communications04/26/2018View PDF
P00100Add Beaumont CBSA (210)04/26/2018View PDF
P00101Add Lexington CBSA (132)04/26/2018View PDF
P00102Add Bradford CBSA (198)04/26/2018View PDF
P00103Add Portland CBSA (141)04/26/2018View PDF
P00104Add Greenville CBSA (142)04/26/2018View PDF
P00105Add Topeka CBSA (119)04/26/2018View PDF
P00106Add Hilton HeAdd CBSA (153)04/26/2018View PDF
P00107Add Savannah CBSA (137)05/10/2018View PDF
P00108Add Norwich CBSA (171)05/10/2018View PDF
P00109Add Blacksburg CBSA (205)05/10/2018View PDF
P00110Add Erie CBSA (158)05/10/2018View PDF
P00111Add Nogales CBSA (217)05/15/2018View PDF
P00112Add Ft Polk CBSA (218)05/15/2018View PDF
P00113Add Amarillo CBSA (219)05/15/2018View PDF
P00114Add Laredo CBSA (152)05/15/2018View PDF
P00115Blue Ridge05/15/2018View PDF
P00116Add Macon CBSA (175)05/15/2018View PDF
P00117Contract Sect C amended  - 508 Stnds05/14/2018View PDF
P00118Add Bismarck CBSA (229)05/15/2018View PDF
P00119Add Sierra Vista CBSA (227)05/15/2018View PDF
P00120Add Bridgeport CBSA (226)05/15/2018View PDF
P00121Add Fayetteville CBSA (228)05/23/2019View PDF
P00122Add Marion CBSA (103)05/23/2019View PDF
P00123Add Salinas CBSA (133)05/23/2019View PDF
P00124Add Syracuse CBSA (135)05/23/2019View PDF
P00125Add Stockton CBSA (160)05/23/2019View PDF
P00126Add Salem CBSA (204)05/23/2018View PDF
P00127Add Saginaw CBSA (185)05/23/2018View PDF
P00128Add Athens CBSA (230)05/23/2019View PDF
P00129Add Flagstaff CBSA (231)05/23/2019View PDF
P00130Labor Services06/14/2018View PDF
P00131Add Missoula CBSA (234)06/04/2019View PDF
P00132Add Chillicothe CBSA (180)06/04/2018View PDF
P00133Add Cape Coral CBSA (161)06/14/2019View PDF
P00134Add Johnstown CBSA (238)06/14/2019View PDF
P00135Add Lebanon CBSA (211)06/14/2018View PDF
P00136Add Big Stone Gap CBSA (237)06/14/2019View PDF
P00137Add Akron CBSA (235)06/14/2019View PDF
P00138Add Alexandria CBSA (232)06/14/2019View PDF
P00139Add Santa Fe CBSA (240)06/14/2019View PDF
P00140Add Minot CBSA (244)06/14/2019View PDF
P00141Add Washington CBSA (246)06/14/2019View PDF
P00142Add Allentown CBSA (197)06/20/2018View PDF
P00143Add Redding CBSA (212)06/20/2018View PDF
P00144Add Texarkana CBSA (245)06/20/2018View PDF
P00145Add Champaign CBSA (241)06/20/2018View PDF
P00146Add Bowling Green CBSA (250)06/20/2018View PDF
P00147Add Grand Forks CBSA (236)06/20/2018View PDF
P00148Add Santa Maria CBSA (243)06/20/2018View PDF
P00149Add Charlottesville CBSA (233)06/20/2018View PDF
P00150Add Yuma CBSA (179)06/20/2018View PDF
P00151Add Auburn NY CBSA (256)06/28/2018View PDF
P00152Add Paducah CBSA (251)06/28/2018View PDF
P00153Add Quincy CBSA (252)06/28/2018View PDF
P00154Add Lubbock CBSA (255)06/28/2018View PDF
P00155Contract Section B, J Amended07/31/2018View PDF
P00156Add Northport CBSA (249)06/28/2018View PDF
P00157Add Yakima CBSA (259)06/28/2018View PDF
P00158Add St Marys CBSA (253)06/28/2018View PDF
P00159Add St Cloud CBSA (260)06/28/2018View PDF
P00160Add Abilene CBSA (248)07/09/2018View PDF
P00161Add Sault Ste Marie CBSA (258)07/09/2018View PDF
P00162Add Idaho Falls CBSA (261)07/09/2018View PDF
P00163Add College Station CBSA (263)07/09/2018View PDF
P00164Add Sheridan CBSA (264)07/09/2018View PDF
P00165Add Binghamton CBSA (265)07/09/2018View PDF
P00166Add Claremont CBSA (271)07/09/2018View PDF
P00167Add Berlin CBSA (274)07/09/2018View PDF
P00168Add Big Spring CBSA (390)07/14/2018View PDF
P00169Add Grand Junction CBSA (275)07/14/2018View PDF
P00170Add Cedar Rapids CBSA (273)07/14/2018View PDF
P00171Add Concord CBSA (269)07/14/2018View PDF
P00172Add Tullahoma CBSA (268)07/14/2018View PDF
P00173Add Pierre CBSA (254)07/14/2018View PDF
P00174Add Watertown CBSA (282)07/14/2018View PDF
P00175Add Crestview CBSA (285)07/14/2018View PDF
P00176Add Carson City CBSA (284)07/17/2018View PDF
P00177Add Lake Charles CBSA (278)07/17/2018View PDF
P00178Add Oak Harbor CBSA (283)07/17/2018View PDF
P00179Add Clarksville CBSA (146)07/17/2018View PDF
P00180Add Wheeling CBSA (190)07/17/2018View PDF
P00181Add Honolulu CBSA (96)07/31/2018View PDF
P00182Add Sonora CBSA (279)07/17/2018View PDF
P00183Add Ozark CBSA (312)07/17/2018View PDF
P00184Add Alamagordo CBSA (262)07/17/2018View PDF
P00185Add Pueblo CBSA (272)07/17/2018View PDF
P00186Add Eureka CBSA (266)07/17/2018View PDF
P00187Add Anchorage CBSA (100)07/31/2018View PDF
P00188Add Fairbanks CBSA (239)08/10/2018View PDF
P00189Add Columbus (123)07/31/2018View PDF
P00190Add Lansing CBSA (134)07/31/2018View PDF
P00191Add Spokane CBSA (144)07/31/2018View PDF
P00192Add Greensboro CBSA (154)07/31/2018View PDF
P00193Add Modesto CBSA (267)08/10/2018View PDF
P00194Add Frankfort CBSA (276)08/10/2018View PDF
P00195Add Walla Walla CBSA (280)07/31/2018View PDF
P00196Add Davenport CBSA (164)07/31/2018View PDF
P00197Add Boulder CBSA (156)08/10/2018View PDF
P00198Cable & Wiring08/14/2018View PDF
P00199Add Worcester CBSA (165)08/10/2018View PDF
P00200Add Waco CBSA (168)08/10/2018View PDF
P00201Add Springfield MA CBSA (169)08/10/2018View PDF
P00202Add Dover CBSA (192)08/10/2018View PDF
P00203Add Medford CBSA (193)08/29/2018View PDF
P00204Add Wilmington CBSA (195)08/10/2018View PDF
P00205Add Gallup CBSA (196)08/10/2018View PDF
P00206Add Augusta ME CBSA (203)08/10/2018View PDF
P00207Add Jackson CBSA (206)08/10/2018View PDF
P00208Add Duluth CBSA (209)08/10/2018View PDF
P00209Add Lafayette CBSA (220)08/10/2018View PDF
P00210Add Tupelo CBSA (238)08/14/2018View PDF
P00211Add La Crosse CBSA (247)08/14/2018View PDF
P00212Add Bellingham CBSA (242)08/14/2018View PDF
P00213Add Ponce CBSA (277)08/14/2018View PDF
P00214Add Kalispell CBSA (281)08/28/2019View PDF
P00215Correct Greenville table PDF
P00216Add Ft Smith CBSA (191)08/14/2018View PDF
P00217Add Juneau CBSA (257)08/14/2018View PDF
P00218CBSA Hinesville08/28/2018View PDF
P00219Add CLIN and NSCs for Great Falls08/28/2019View PDF
P00220Add CLIN and NSCs for Gettysburg08/28/2019View PDF
P00221Add CLIN and NSCs for Hilton Head08/28/2019View PDF
P00222Add CLIN and NSCs for Harrisburg09/25/2019View PDF
P00223Add CLIN and NSCs for Helena09/25/2019View PDF
P00224Add Turkey VPN, IPS09/25/2019View PDF
P00225Add Belgium VPN, IPS09/25/2019View PDF
P00226Add Italy VPN, IPS09/25/2019View PDF
P00227Add Netherlands VPN, IPS09/25/2019View PDF
P00228Add Bahrain VPN, IPS09/25/2019View PDF
P00229Add Korea VPN, IPS09/25/2019View PDF
P00230Add Germany VPN, IPS09/25/2019View PDF
P00231Add UK VPN, IPS09/25/2019View PDF
P00232Add Spain VPN, IPS09/25/2019View PDF
P00233Add CLIN and NSCs for Hartford09/25/2019View PDF
P00234Contract Section B Amended10/24/2018View PDF
P00235Optical Wave10/24/2019View PDF
P00236Add Guam VPN, IPS10/24/2019View PDF
P00237Add Japan VPN, IPS10/24/2019View PDF
P00238Add CLIN and NSCs for Fairmont10/24/2019View PDF
P00239Add CLIN and NSCs for Fargo10/24/2019View PDF
P00240Add CLIN and NSCs for Fort Polk10/24/2019View PDF
P00241Add NSCs for Amarillo11/20/2018View PDF
P00242Add CLIN for Blacksburg11/26/2018View PDF
P00243Add CLIN and NSCs for Bremerton11/20/2018View PDF
P00244Add NSCs for Clarksburg11/20/2018View PDF
P00245Add NSCs for Corpus Christi11/20/2018View PDF
P00246Add NSCs for Billings11/20/2018View PDF
P00247Correct Phub for Bradford11/20/2018View PDF
P00248Add NSCs for Charleston11/20/2018View PDF
P00249Add NSCs for Cheyenne11/26/2018View PDF
P00250Add NSCs for Columbia11/26/2018View PDF
P00251Add NSCs for El Centro11/26/2018View PDF
P00252Add NSC for Elkins11/26/2018View PDF
P00253Add NSC for Eugene11/26/2018View PDF
P00254Add NSCs for Jacksonville12/06/2018View PDF
P00255Add NSCs for Key West11/26/2018View PDF
P00256Add NSCs for Lake City11/26/2018View PDF
P00257Add NSCs for Laredo11/26/2018View PDF
P00258Add NSCs for Lawton11/26/2018View PDF
P00259Add NSCs for Macon11/26/2018View PDF
P00260Add NSCs for Madison11/26/2018View PDF
P00261Add NSCs for Manchester11/26/2018View PDF
P00262Add NSCs for McAllen12/06/2018View PDF
P00263Add NSCs for Meridian12/06/2018View PDF
P00264Add NSCs for Brunswick12/06/2018View PDF
P00265Add CLIN for Morgantown12/06/2018View PDF
P00266Add NSC for New Haven12/06/2018View PDF
P00267Add NSC for Nogales12/06/2018View PDF
P00268Add NSC for Norwich12/06/2018View PDF
P00269Add NSC for Pensacola12/06/2018View PDF
P00270Add NSC for Rapid City12/20/2018View PDF
P00271Add NSCs for London12/20/2018View PDF
P00272Add NSC CLIN for Raleigh12/20/2018View PDF
P00273Add NSCs for Bangor12/20/2018View PDF
P00274Add NSC CLIN for Salem12/20/2018View PDF
P00275Add NSC for Salinas12/20/2018View PDF
P00276Add NSC for Oxnard12/20/2018View PDF
P00277Add NSC for Panama City12/20/2018View PDF
P00278Add NSCs for Baton Rouge12/27/2018View PDF
P00279Add NSCs for Brownsville12/27/2018View PDF
P00280Add NSCs for Bakersfield12/27/2018View PDF
P00281Add CLIN for Albany GA12/27/2018View PDF
P00283Add IPVS CLIN for San Juan12/27/2018View PDF
P00284Add NSC CLIN for San Juan12/27/2018View PDF
P00285Add NSC for Savannah12/27/2018View PDF
P00286Add NSC for Sioux Falls12/27/2018View PDF
P00287Add NSC for Show Low12/27/2018View PDF
P00288Add NSC for Springfield MO12/27/2018View PDF
P00289Add NSC for Scranton12/27/2018View PDF
P00290Add NSC for Stockton12/27/2018View PDF
P00291Add NSC for Syracuse01/12/2019View PDF
P00292Add NSC for Tyler01/12/2019View PDF
P00293Add NSC for Pine Bluff01/12/2019View PDF
P00294Add NSC for Toledo01/12/2019View PDF
P00295Add NSC for Topeka01/12/2019View PDF
P00296Add NSC for Utica01/12/2019View PDF
P00297Add NSC for Tucson01/12/2019View PDF
P00298Add NSC for Wichita01/12/2019View PDF
P00299Add NSCs for Anniston01/12/2019View PDF
P00300Add NSC for Virginia Beach01/12/2019View PDF
P00301Add NSC for Tallahassee01/12/2019View PDF
P00302Add NSCs for Des Moines02/08/2019View PDF
P00303Add NSC for New Bern02/08/2019View PDF
P00304Add NSC for Portland02/08/2019View PDF
P00305Add NSC for Reno02/08/2019View PDF
P00306Add NSCs for Lincoln02/08/2019View PDF
P00307Add NSC for Boise02/08/2019View PDF
P00308Add NSC for Winchester02/08/2019View PDF
P00309Add NSC for IPS Autosold02/08/2019View PDF
P00310Add 4 Khz NRC CONUS02/08/2019View PDF
P00311Contract Section B Amended - OCONUS04/03/2019View PDF
P00312Add Virgin Islands04/03/2019View PDF
P00313DD 25404/03/2019View PDF
P00314Contract Section J Amended SRL Rates05/23/2019View PDF
P00315Add Belgium IPVS05/28/2019View PDF
P00316DD 25405/23/2019View PDF
P00317Add NSC for Vicksburg06/17/2019View PDF
P00318Add Cleveland NSC06/20/2019View PDF
P00319Contract Amended VPNS Cloud07/16/2019View PDF
P00320Contract Amended - TUC CLIN bundles07/16/2019View PDF
P00321Add Turkey IPVS07/29/2019View PDF
P00322Add Korea IPVS07/29/2020View PDF
P00323Add Italy IPVS08/05/2019View PDF
P00324Add Japan IPVS08/13/2019View PDF
P00325Add Spain IPVS09/20/2019View PDF
P00326Add UK IPVS08/05/2019View PDF
P00327Add Guam IPVS08/05/2019View PDF
P00328Add Germany IPVS08/13/2019View PDF
P00329Add Grubb Rd NSC08/13/2019View PDF
P00330Add NSC08/20/2019View PDF
P00331Contract Amended - NDAA 88909/19/2019View PDF
P00332Contract Amended - SSP + SOCN rules01/06/2020View PDF
P00333Contract Amended - CLIN bundles09/23/2019View PDF
P00334Add 10 Gb AA11/01/2019View PDF
P00335Add Sandston NSC10/31/2019View PDF
P00336SaaS10/31/2019View PDF
P00337Add Private Line11/13/2019View PDF
P00338Add Altoona CBSA12/04/2019View PDF
P00339Add Decatur CBSA12/04/2019View PDF
P00340Add IPS VPNS Ethiopia12/04/2019View PDF
P00341Add IPS VPNS Senegal12/04/2019View PDF
P00342Add IPS VPNS Ghana12/04/2019View PDF
P00343Add IPS VPNS Djibouti01/02/2020View PDF
P00344Add IPS VPNS South Africa08/18/2020View PDF
P00345Add IPS VPNS Zimbabwe01/02/2020View PDF
P00346Add IPS VPNS Benin01/02/2020View PDF
P00347Add IPS VPNS Angola01/02/2020View PDF
P00348Add IPS VPNS Zambia02/25/2020View PDF
P00349Add IPS VPNS Chad02/25/2020View PDF
P00350Add IPS VPNS Kenya02/25/2020View PDF
P00351POP VH Cleanup02/25/2020View PDF
P00352Satellite03/30/2020View PDF
P00353Add IPS VPNS Albania03/30/2020View PDF
P00354Contract Amended - Section B, TIC 3.0,, SRE03/30/2020View PDF
P00355Add IPS VPNS Japan03/30/2020View PDF
P00356Add IPS VPNS Nigeria03/12/2020View PDF
P00357Add IPS VPNS Thailand03/30/2020View PDF
P00358Add IPS VPNS Korea03/30/2020View PDF
P00359Add IPS VPNS New Zealand03/30/2020View PDF
P00360Add IPS VPNS Australia03/30/2020View PDF
P00361Add IPS VPNS Denmark03/27/2020View PDF
P00362Add IPS VPNS Poland03/30/2020View PDF
P00363Add IPS VPNS Indonesia04/03/2020View PDF
P00364Add IPS VPNS Ireland04/03/2020View PDF
P00365Add IPS VPNS Ukraine04/03/2020View PDF
P00366Add IPS VPNS China04/03/2020View PDF
P00367Add IPS VPNS Vietnam04/03/2020View PDF
P00368Add IPS VPNS Hong Kong04/03/2020View PDF
P00369Add IPS VPNS Finland04/03/2020View PDF
P00370Add IPS VPNS Portugal04/21/2020View PDF
P00371Add IPS VPNS Belarus04/21/2020View PDF
P00372Add IPS VPNS Latvia04/21/2020View PDF
P00373Add IPS VPNS Norway04/21/2020View PDF
P00374Add IPS VPNS Russia04/21/2020View PDF
P00375Add IPS VPNS Slovenia04/21/2020View PDF
P00376Add IPS VPNS Iceland04/21/2020View PDF
P00377Add IPS VPNS Cyprus04/21/2020View PDF
P00378Add AA and IPS04/21/2020View PDF
P00379Add IPS VPNS Luxembourg04/21/2020View PDF
P00380Contract Amended - SDWAN, Section B, MSS TUC05/15/2020View PDF
P00381Add IPS VPNS Czech04/21/2020View PDF
P00382Add IPS VPNS Macedonia04/28/2020View PDF
P00383Add IPS VPNS Bulgaria04/28/2020View PDF
P00384Add IPS VPNS Croatia04/28/2020View PDF
P00385Add IPS VPNS Lithuania04/28/2020View PDF
P00386Add IPS VPNS Austria04/28/2020View PDF
P00387Add IPS VPNS Georgia04/28/2020View PDF
P00388AA DC104/28/2020View PDF
P00389Add IPS VPNS UAE05/07/2020View PDF
P00390Add IPS VPNS Egypt05/07/2020View PDF
P00391Add IPS VPNS Estonia05/07/2020View PDF
P00392MSS05/11/2021View PDF
P00393Add IPS VPNS Sierra Leone05/28/2020View PDF
P00394Add IPS VPNS Madagascar05/28/2020View PDF
P00395Senegal 100 M AA06/15/2020View PDF
P00396Add IPS VPNS Suriname06/15/2020View PDF
P00397Add IPS VPNS Uruguay05/28/2020View PDF
P00398Add IPS VPNS Bolivia05/28/2020View PDF
P00399Add IPS VPNS Paraguay05/28/2020View PDF
P00400CHS, AC, VTC, UC and DFS.06/23/2019View PDF
P00401Add MTIPS05/28/2020View PDF
P00402Add IPS VPNS Kosovo06/01/2020View PDF
P00403Add IPS VPNS El Salvador06/01/2020View PDF
P00404Add IPS VPNS dominican Republic06/01/2020View PDF
P00405Add IPS VPNS Honduras06/01/2020View PDF
P00406Add IPS VPNS Cote D'ivoire06/15/2020View PDF
P00407Add IPS VPNS CAR06/01/2020View PDF
P00408Add IPS VPNS Gambia06/04/2020View PDF
P00409Add IPS VPNS Congo Brazz06/04/2020View PDF
P00410Add IPS VPNS Burundi06/05/2020View PDF
P00411Add IPS VPNS Guinea06/05/2020View PDF
P00412Add IPS VPNS Tanzania06/05/2020View PDF
P00413Add IPS VPNS Uganda06/04/2020View PDF
P00414Add IPS VPNS Rwanda06/05/2020View PDF
P00415Add IPS VPNS Gabon06/04/2020View PDF
P00416Add IPS VPNS Malawi06/04/2020View PDF
P00417Add IPS VPNS Togo06/04/2020View PDF
P00418Add IPS VPNS Eq Guinea06/04/2020View PDF
P00419Add IPS VPNS Liberia06/05/2020View PDF
P00420Add IPS VPNS Niger06/05/2020View PDF
P00421Add IPS VPNS Botswana06/04/2020View PDF
P00422Add IPS VPNS Burkina Fas06/04/2020View PDF
P00423Add IPS VPNS Cameroon06/15/2020View PDF
P00424Add IPS VPNS Brunei06/15/2020View PDF
P00425Add IPS VPNS Mongolia06/15/2020View PDF
P00426Add IPS VPNS Romania06/15/2020View PDF
P00427Add IPS VPNS Malta06/15/2020View PDF
P00428Add IPS VPNS Armenia06/15/2020View PDF
P00429Add IPS VPNS Jordan06/15/2020View PDF
P00430Add IPS VPNS Iraq06/15/2020View PDF
P00431Add IPS VPNS Kazakhstan06/15/2020View PDF
P00432Add IPS VPNS Cape Verde06/15/2020View PDF
P00433Add IPS VPNS Namibia06/15/2020View PDF
P00434Add IPS VPNS Panama06/15/2020View PDF
P00435Add IPS VPNS Costa Rica06/15/2020View PDF
P00436Add IPS VPNS Barbados06/15/2020View PDF
P00437Add IPS VPNS Argentina06/15/2020View PDF
P00438Web Conferencing06/15/2020View PDF
P00439OCONUS Haiti10/23/2020View PDF
P00440Add IPS VPNS Guatemala06/15/2020View PDF
P00441Add IPS VPNS Ecuador06/15/2020View PDF
P00442Add IPS VPNS Netherlands Antilles06/15/2020View PDF
P00443Add IPS VPNS Oman06/15/2020View PDF
P00444Add IPS VPNS Kuwait06/15/2020View PDF
P00445Add IPS VPNS Qatar07/01/2020View PDF
P00446Add IPS VPNS Sri Lanka07/01/2020View PDF
P00447Add IPS VPNS Bangladesh07/01/2020View PDF
P00448Add IPS VPNS Venezuela07/01/2020View PDF
P00449Add IPS VPNS Kyrgystan07/01/2020View PDF
P00450Add IPS VPNS Swaziland07/01/2020View PDF
P00451Add IPS VPNS Nepal06/23/2020View PDF
P00452Add IPS VPNS UK06/23/2019View PDF
P00453Add IPS VPNS Trinidad06/23/2020View PDF
P00454Add IPS VPNS Timor06/23/2019View PDF
P00455Add IPS VPNS Bahrain06/23/2020View PDF
P00456Add IPS VPNS Tajikistan06/23/2019View PDF
P00457Add IPS VPNS Saudi Arabia07/01/2020View PDF
P00458Add IPS VPNS Morocco07/01/2020View PDF
P00459Add IPS VPNS Colombia07/01/2020View PDF
P00460Add IPS VPNS Sweden07/02/2020View PDF
P00461Add IPS Sudan08/18/2020View PDF
P00462Add IPS VPNS Mali07/01/2020View PDF
P00463Add IPS VPNS Mexico06/29/2020View PDF
P00464Add IPS VPNS Malaysia07/01/2020View PDF
P00465Add IPS VPNS Philippines07/01/2020View PDF
P00466Add IPS VPNS Cambodia07/01/2020View PDF
P00467Add IPS VPNS Papua New Guinea07/01/2020View PDF
P00468Add IPS VPNS Sipore08/14/2020View PDF
P00469Contract Amended - Section H Price Refresh08/11/2020View PDF
P00470Add IPS Dem Congo07/09/2020View PDF
P00471Add IPS VPNS Algeria08/11/2020View PDF
P00472Add IPS VPNS Bosnia08/11/2020View PDF
P00474Add South Sudan08/11/2022View PDF
P00475Add IPS VPNS Pakistan08/18/2020View PDF
P00476Add IPS VPNS Burma08/11/2020View PDF
P00477Add IPS VPNS India08/11/2020View PDF
P00478Contract Amended - Section I  FAR08/20/2020View PDF
P00479Add IPS VPNS Israel08/11/2020View PDF
P00480Dothan CBSA08/11/2020View PDF
P00481Add AA Belgium08/11/2020View PDF
P00482Arkadelphia CBSA08/11/2020View PDF
P00483Add VPNS Germany08/18/2020View PDF
P00484Add IPS VPNS France08/18/2020View PDF
P00485Add IPS VPNS Fiji08/18/2020View PDF
P00486Add IPS VPNS Turkey08/18/2020View PDF
P00487Kennewick CBSA09/01/2020View PDF
P00488Add IPS VPNS Hury09/01/2020View PDF
P00489Add IPS VPNS Moldova09/01/2020View PDF
P00490Greenwood CBSA09/01/2020View PDF
P00491Add Kingsport09/29/2020View PDF
P00492South Bend CBSA09/01/2020View PDF
P00493Vernal CBSA09/02/2020View PDF
P00494Hot Springs CBSA09/02/2020View PDF
P00495Lynchburg CBSA09/01/2020View PDF
P00496Add IPS VPNS Switzerland09/01/2020View PDF
P00497Add IPS VPNS Slovokia09/01/2020View PDF
P00498Add IPS VPNS Italy09/02/2020View PDF
P00499Add MTIPS 100 Mb09/01/2020View PDF
P00500Add Port St Lucie CBSA09/08/2020View PDF
P00501Add Sumter CBSA09/08/2020View PDF
P00502Add IPS VPNS Brazil09/08/2020View PDF
P00503Add IPS VPNS Greece09/08/2020View PDF
P00504Add IPS VPNS Bahamas09/08/2020View PDF
P00505Add IPS VPNS Azerbaijan09/08/2020View PDF
P00506Add AA Netherlands09/08/2020View PDF
P00507Add Barre CBSA09/08/2020View PDF
P00508Add IPS VPNS Nicaragua09/15/2020View PDF
P00509Add Polycom Handsets09/10/2020View PDF
P00510Add SaaS CLIN09/11/2020View PDF
P00511Add Myrtle Beach CBSA09/15/2020View PDF
P00512Adds Watertown CBSA09/15/2020View PDF
P00513Add IPS VPNS Samoa09/15/2020View PDF
P00514Add IPS VPNS Grenada09/15/2020View PDF
P00515Add IPS VPNS Tunisia09/21/2020View PDF
P00516Add IPS VPNS Belize09/21/2020View PDF
P00517Add IPS VPNS Montenegro09/21/2020View PDF
P00518Add IPS VPNS Lebanon09/21/2020View PDF
P00519Add IPS VPNS Taiwan09/29/2020View PDF
P00520Add IPS VPNS Mozambique10/26/2020View PDF
P00521Add IPS VPNS Lesotho09/21/2020View PDF
P00522Add IPS VPNS Spain09/21/2020View PDF
P00523Add IPS VPNS Canada09/21/2020View PDF
P00524Add IPS VPNS Bermuda09/21/2020View PDF
P00525Add 128 Technologies09/17/2020View PDF
P00526Add IPS VPNS Guyana09/29/2020View PDF
P00527Add Uzbekistan09/29/2020View PDF
P00528Add IPS VPNS Micronesia09/29/2020View PDF
P00529Add IPS VPNS Palau09/29/2020View PDF
P00530Los Alamos CBSA09/29/2020View PDF
P00531Albany OR CBSA09/29/2020View PDF
P00532Add Marshall Islands09/29/2020View PDF
P00533Cable09/29/2020View PDF
P00534Add IPS VPNS Turkmenistan10/26/2020View PDF
P00535Add IPS VPNS Serbia10/26/2020View PDF
P00536Add IPS VPNS Chile10/26/2020View PDF
P00537Add IPS VPNS Lao10/26/2020View PDF
P00538Add IPS VPNS Mauritania10/26/2020View PDF
P00539Add IPS VPNS Haiti06/15/2020View PDF
P00539Non-Domestic VPNS and AA10/26/2020View PDF
P00540Add IPS VPNS Jamaica10/26/2020View PDF
P00541Add IPS VPNS Peru11/04/2020View PDF
P00542ADD NSCs Group 311/04/2020View PDF
P00543Add Eritrea11/04/2020View PDF
P00544Add IPS VPNS Afghanistan11/04/2020View PDF
P00545NSC AA0032511/04/2020View PDF
P0054610 GB AA DC1 11/04/2020View PDF
P00548Add Internet 3 NSCs11/20/2020View PDF
P00549Add Polycom for AVI (Catalog Mod)11/20/2020View PDF
P00549Add Polycom for AVI (Contract Mod)11/20/2020View PDF
P00550Remove MNS CLINs12/24/2020View PDF
P00552Optionals12/29/2020View PDF
P00553AA, NSCs, CBSAs, optional MTIPS12/29/2020View PDF
P00554Add Wenatchee CBSA12/24/2020View PDF
P00555Add Visalia CBSA12/24/2020View PDF
P00556Add Pecos CBSA12/24/2020View PDF
P00557Contract Amended - Section I  FAR02/06/2021View PDF
P00558Add Hilo CBSA NRAO01/22/2021View PDF
P00559Add Mauritius IPS VPN01/22/2020View PDF
P00560mTIPS 400 IDFC01/22/2021View PDF
P00561Add MNS OOB01/22/2021View PDF
P00562ACS AA02/02/2021View PDF
P00563Add Douglas CBSA01/22/2021View PDF
P00564Add SDWAN Technical02/02/2021View PDF
P00565AA31002/02/2021View PDF
P00566Add CSVS02/06/2021View PDF
P00567AA, NSCs, CBSAs03/16/2021View PDF
P00568Add Manhattan CBSA03/16/2021View PDF
P00569DCTS 504/15/2021View PDF
P00570Add Ruckus Tech04/19/2021View PDF
P00571Chile Cleanup05/06/2021View PDF
P00572Add NSC05/06/2021View PDF
P00573Add CSDS06/16/2022View PDF
P00574Add TFS06/11/2021View PDF
P00575Add NSC05/06/2021View PDF
P00576NMCP NSCs AA05/06/2021View PDF
P00577AA05/26/2021View PDF
P00578Add MMS06/11/2021View PDF
P00579 NSCs AA32505/26/2021View PDF
P00580DCTS 6 Fort Leonard Wood CBSA05/26/2021View PDF
P00581NSC05/26/2021View PDF
P00582DCTS 6 East Stroudsburg CBSA06/04/2021View PDF
P00583AA10106/11/2021View PDF
P00584DCTS Group 6 NSCs05/26/2021View PDF
P00585Contract Amended - Section H EPA07/09/2021View PDF
P00586DCTS 6 Lebanon CBSA07/21/2021View PDF
P00587DCTS 6 Terre Haute CBSA07/23/2021View PDF
P00588DCTS 6 Youngstown CBSA07/23/2021View PDF
P00589MWS07/23/2021View PDF
P00590Add Zoom07/26/2021View PDF
P00592Add Ribbon08/17/2021View PDF
P00594AA08/30/2021View PDF
P00595Add NSCs09/01/2021View PDF
P00596Lantronix08/31/2021View PDF
P00597DITCO Australia08/31/2021View PDF
P00598Add DCTS Group A TDm NSCs09/03/2021View PDF
P00599Add CDNS09/09/2021View PDF
P00600Contract Amended - Minimum Revenue09/08/2021View PDF
P00601Add BIS09/27/2021View PDF
P00602Contract Amended Section I - COVID rules11/03/2021View PDF
P00603Add Escanaba CBSA11/12/2021View PDF
P00604Add Appleton CBSA11/12/2021View PDF
P00605Add Aberdeen WA CBSA11/22/2021View PDF
P00606Add Del Rio CBSA11/22/2021View PDF
P00607Add Bemidji CBSA11/22/2021View PDF
P00608Add Aberdeen SD CBSA12/01/2021View PDF
P00609Add Bozeman CBSA12/01/2021View PDF
P00610Add Brainerd CBSA12/08/2021View PDF
P00611Add Eagle Pass CBSA12/08/2021View PDF
P00612Add Deltona CBSA12/09/2021View PDF
P00613Add Houghton CBSA12/17/2021View PDF
P00614Add Dickinson CBSA12/20/2021View PDF
P00615Add Astoria CBSA12/30/2021View PDF
P00616Add Canton CBSA01/04/2022View PDF
P00617Add Edwards CBSA01/04/2022View PDF
P00618iPhone01/06/2022View PDF
P00619Add Racine CBSA01/18/2022View PDF
P00620Add Ashtabula CBSA01/18/2022View PDF
P00621Add Coos Bay CBSA01/18/2022View PDF
P00622Add Hammond CBSA01/18/2022View PDF
P00623P00623 Mobility-as-a-Service03/02/2022View PDF
P00624Add Greenville NC CBSA02/15/2022View PDF
P00625Add Thomasville, GA CBSA02/09/2022View PDF
P00626Add Green Bay CBSA02/17/2022View PDF
P00627Add Green Bay CBSA02/17/2022View PDF
P00628Add Florence CBSA02/17/2022View PDF
P00629Add Clovis CBSA03/04/2022View PDF
P00630Add Alpena CBSA02/24/2022View PDF
P00631Add Montrose CBSA02/24/2022View PDF
P00632Add Cleveland TN CBSA02/28/2022View PDF
P00633Add DeRidder CBSA03/02/2022View PDF
P00634Add Dubois CBSA03/02/2022View PDF
P00635Adtran Discount03/01/2022View PDF
P00636Add Lewiston CBSA02/28/2022View PDF
P00637Add Grand Island CBSA03/04/2022View PDF
P00638Add Lancaster CBSA03/12/2022View PDF
P00639Add Selma CBSA03/09/2022View PDF
P00640Add Poplar Bluff CBSA03/22/2022View PDF
P00641AA IPS03/22/2022View PDF
P00642Adjustment04/17/2022View PDF
P00643Add Farmington CBSA03/23/2022View PDF
P00644Add Deming CBSA04/07/2022View PDF
P00645Add Kingsville CBSA04/07/2022View PDF
P00646Add Reading CBSA04/07/2022View PDF
P00647Add Harrisonburg CBSA04/07/2022View PDF
P00648Add Middlesborough CBSA04/08/2022View PDF
P00649Add Spartanburg CBSA04/07/2022View PDF
P00650Add Logan CBSA04/08/2022View PDF
P00651Add Prescott CBSA04/08/2022View PDF
P00652Add Mankato CBSA04/08/2022View PDF
P00653Add Butte CBSA04/12/2022View PDF
P00654Add Morehead City CBSA04/12/2022View PDF
P00655Add Coeur d'Alene CBSA04/12/2022View PDF
P00656Add McAlester CBSA04/12/2022View PDF
P00657Add Lakeland CBSA04/12/2022View PDF
P00659Add Kahului CBSA04/12/2022View PDF
P00660Add Huntsville CBSA04/12/2022View PDF
P00661Add Ada CBSA04/15/2022View PDF
P00662Add Longview CBSA04/15/2022View PDF
P00663Add Martin CBSA04/15/2022View PDF
P00664Add Branson CBSA04/19/2022View PDF
P00665Add Meadville CBSA04/12/2022View PDF
P00666MOPS Changes - Sect.s E, G, J - TO test plan05/19/2022View PDF
P00667Add Midland CBSA04/12/2022View PDF
P00668Add Mount Vernon CBSA04/21/2022View PDF
P00669Add Naples CBSA04/29/2022View PDF
P00670Add Odessa CBSA04/29/2022View PDF
P00671Add Morgan City CBSA04/29/2022View PDF
P00672Add North Platte CBSA05/04/2022View PDF
P00673Add Sandusky CBSA05/04/2022View PDF
P00674Add Enterprise CBSA05/04/2022View PDF
P00675Add AA for Chile05/11/2022View PDF
P00676Add Olympia-Tumwater, WA CBSA05/11/2022View PDF
P00677Add Uvalde, TX CBSA05/11/2022View PDF
P00678Add Plattsburgh, NY CBSA05/11/2022View PDF
P00679Add Alice, TX CBSA05/13/2022View PDF
P00680Add Jamestown, ND CBSA05/18/2022View PDF
P00681Add Yuba City, CA CBSA05/18/2022View PDF
P00682Add Hastings, NE CBSA05/18/2022View PDF
P00683Add Madera, CA CBSA05/18/2022View PDF
P00684Add Ardmore, OK CBSA05/18/2022View PDF
P00685Add Bloomsburg-Berwick, PA CBSA05/18/2022View PDF
P00686Add Scottsboro, AL CBSA05/19/2022View PDF
P00687Add Cedar City, UT CBSA05/19/2022View PDF
P00688Add Houma-Thibodaux, LA CBSA05/19/2022View PDF
P00689Add Roswell, NM CBSA05/23/2022View PDF
P00690Add Crescent City, CA CBSA05/23/2022View PDF
P00691Add San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles-Arroyo Grande, CA CBSA05/23/2022View PDF
P00692Add Sheboygan, WI CBSA05/25/2022View PDF
P00693Add Marinette, WI-MI CBSA05/25/2022View PDF
P00694Add Statesboro, GA CBSA05/26/2022View PDF
P00695Add Wauchula, FL CBSA05/25/2022View PDF
P00696Add Zapata, TX CBSA05/26/2022View PDF
P00697Add Weatherford, OK CBSA06/08/2022View PDF
P00698Add Williston, ND CBSA06/14/2022View PDF
P00700Add Monroe, MI CBSA06/14/2022View PDF
P00701Add Ogdensburg-Massena, NY CBSA06/15/2022View PDF
P00702Add Rochester, MN CBSA06/15/2022View PDF
P00703Add Moses Lake, WA CBSA06/15/2022View PDF
P00704Add Lexington, NE CBSA06/15/2022View PDF
P00705Add Sandpoint, ID CBSA06/16/2022View PDF
P00706Add Rockford, IL CBSA06/17/2022View PDF
P00707Add Malone, NY CBSA06/17/2022View PDF
P00708Add Port Angeles, WA CBSA06/17/2022View PDF
P00709Add Jamestown-Dunkirk-Fredonia, NY CBSA06/17/2022View PDF
P00710Add Chambersburg-Waynesboro, PA CBSA07/04/2022View PDF
P00711Add Roseburg, OR CBSA07/04/2022View PDF
P00712Add San Angelo, TX CBSA07/04/2022View PDF
P00713Add Victoria, TX CBSA07/04/2022View PDF
P00714Add Silver City, NM CBSA07/04/2022View PDF
P00715Add Winston-Salem, NC CBSA07/05/2022View PDF
P00716Add Scottsbluff, NE CBSA07/05/2022View PDF
P00717Add Port Clinton, OH CBSA07/05/2022View PDF
P00718Add Huron, SD CBSA07/05/2022View PDF
P00719Add Pittsfield, MA CBSA07/05/2022View PDF
P00720Exercise Option Period One Extend to 31July202707/13/2022View PDF
P00721Add Americus, GA CBSA07/05/2022View PDF
P00722Add Owensboro, KY CBSA07/13/2022View PDF
P00723Add Miami, OK CBSA07/13/2022View PDF
P00724Add Klamath Falls, OR CBSA07/13/2022View PDF
P00725Add Cape Girardeau, MO-IL CBSA07/14/2022View PDF
P00726Add Lufkin, TX CBSA07/14/2022View PDF
P00727Add Sherman-Denison, TX CBSA07/14/2022View PDF
P00728Add Hays, KS CBSA07/18/2022View PDF
P00729Add Rio Grande, TX CBSA07/18/2022View PDF
P00730Add Baraboo, WI CBSA07/18/2022View PDF
P00731Add Salisbury, MD CBSA07/20/2022View PDF
P00732Add Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA CBSA07/19/2022View PDF
P00733Add Ketchikan, AK CBSA07/22/2022View PDF
P00734Add Santa Rosa, CA CBSA07/22/2022View PDF
P00735Add Hanford-Corcoran, CA CBSA07/22/2022View PDF
P00736Add Stillwater, OK CBSA07/22/2022View PDF
P00737Add Casper, WY CBSA07/22/2022View PDF
P00738Add Dodge City, KS CBSA07/27/2022View PDF
P00739Add Albemarle, NC CBSA07/27/2022View PDF
P00740Add Batavia, NY CBSA07/27/2022View PDF
P00741Add Rolla, MO CBSA07/27/2022View PDF
P00742Add Valdosta, GA CBSA07/27/2022View PDF
P00743Add Oxford, MS CBSA07/27/2022View PDF
P00744Add Ocean City, NJ CBSA07/29/2022View PDF
P00745Add Iron Mountain, MI-WI CBSA07/29/2022View PDF
P00746Add IPS service Puerto Rico CBSA08/11/2022View PDF
P00747Add Jamestown-Dunkirk-Fredonia, NY CBSA08/03/2022View PDF
P00748Add Ocala, FL CBSA08/03/2022View PDF
P00749Add Mayaguez, PR CBSA08/03/2022View PDF
P00750Add Ames, IA CBSA08/03/2022View PDF
P00751Add Corning, NY CBSA08/03/2022View PDF
P00752Add Canon City, CO CBSA08/05/2022View PDF
P00753Add Morristown, TN CBSA08/05/2022View PDF
P00754Add Bend-Redmond, OR CBSA08/11/2022View PDF
P00755Add Starkville, MS CBSA08/11/2022View PDF
P00756Add Williamsport, PA CBSA08/11/2022View PDF
P00757Add Junction City, KS CBSA08/11/2022View PDF
P00758Add Daphne-Fairhope-Foley, AL CBSA08/11/2022View PDF
P00759Add VPNS service in East Timor CBSA08/13/2022View PDF
P00760Add Kalamazoo-Portage, MI CBSA08/16/2022View PDF
P00761Add Susanville, CA CBSA08/16/2022View PDF
P00762Add State College, PA CBSA08/17/2022View PDF
P00763Add Columbus, MS CBSA08/17/2022View PDF
P00764Update Domestic PoP Table (4.1.1) with POP V&H08/18/2022View PDF
P00765Add Sebring, FL CBSA08/19/2022View PDF
P00766Add The Dalles, OR CBSA08/24/2022View PDF
P00767Add Flint, MI CBSA08/24/2022View PDF
P00768Add Cullowhee, NC CBSA08/24/2022View PDF
P00769Add Russellville, AR CBSA08/24/2022View PDF
P00770Add Lafayette-West Lafayette, IN CBSA08/24/2022View PDF
P00771Add Pottsville, PA CBSA08/25/2022View PDF
P00772Add LaGrande, OR CBSA08/25/2022View PDF
P00773Add Durango, CO CBSA08/30/2022View PDF
P00774Updated Program Management Plan08/31/2022View PDF
P00775Add Oxford, NC CBSA09/01/2022View PDF
P00776Add Payson, AZ CBSA09/01/2022View PDF
P00777Add St. George, UT CBSA09/01/2022View PDF
P00778Add NRC CLIN AA00013 to CJIDs09/01/2022View PDF
P00779Add Greenville, TN CBSA09/01/2022View PDF
P00780Update NSCs09/01/2022View PDF
P00781Revise NSC Pricing09/01/2022View PDF
P00782Add Eau Claire, WI CBSA09/08/2022View PDF
P00783Minimum Revenue Guarantee (MRG)09/08/2022View PDF
P00784Add Waycross, GA CBSA09/09/2022View PDF
P00785Add El Dorado, AR CBSA09/09/2022View PDF
P00786Add Ontario, OR-ID CBSA09/09/2022View PDF
P00787Add Fallon, NV CBSA09/14/2022View PDF
P00788Add Indiana, PA CBSA09/14/2022View PDF
P00789Add Danville, VA CBSA09/14/2022View PDF
P00790Add Florence-Muscle Shoals, AL CBSA09/14/2022View PDF
P00791Add Chico, CA CBSA09/14/2022View PDF
P00792Add Aguadilla-Isabela, PR CBSA09/17/2022View PDF
P00793Add Lima, OH CBSA09/17/2022View PDF
P00794Add Bloomington, IL CBSA09/17/2022View PDF
P00795Add Bluefield, WV-VA CBSA09/21/2022View PDF
P00796Add Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA CBSA09/21/2022View PDF
P00797Add Muskegon, MI CBSA09/21/2022View PDF
P00798Add Access Arrangement (AA) price in awarded CBSAs09/21/2022View PDF
P00799Update NSC to PHub assignments in Table 4.1.709/28/2022View PDF
P00800Update NSC to PHub assignments in Table 4.1.709/28/2022View PDF
P00801Add IPVS to Hawaii09/29/2022View PDF
P00802Update PoP admin mapping tables09/29/2022View PDF
P00803Add domestic MNS Out-of-Band POTS for 7 OCONUS CJIDs09/29/2022View PDF
P00804Add domestic CW for 4 OCONUS CJIDs09/29/2022View PDF
P00805IPVS usage prices Hawaii09/29/2022View PDF
P00806Access to NSCs in awarded CBSAs10/05/2022View PDF
P00807CSVS usage prices Virgin Islands10/07/2022View PDF
P00808Update access for CBSA 3228010/12/2022View PDF
P00809Stop Non-Dom NSC to Non-Dom POP mapping in Table 4.1.310/12/2022View PDF
P00810Add pricing for Basic Subscriber Access10/12/2022View PDF
P00811Updates to PoP Tables 4.1.x10/18/2022View PDF
P00812Access to NSCs in awarded CBSAs11/04/2022View PDF