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Our partnership with Microsoft

Together with Microsoft, we offer you creative connections.

In partnership with

No matter where you’re based or which industry you’re in, you can benefit from our integrated cloud services and joint security approach.

We’re your leading global Microsoft partner for cloud platform, collaboration and communications.

Our strategic engagement with Microsoft

With Microsoft, we have strategic engagement across all our lines of business - from gaming through to hyperscale cloud. We’re transforming our data centres and cloud proposition with Microsoft Azure. We have best-in-class hybrid solutions that incorporate new dynamic network services for secure, low latency consumption. We're working together on developments for Microsoft Teams, and we're collaborating on new flexible options for direct routing connectivity.

Network infrastructures are getting more and more complex

With our intelligent cloud, intelligent edge hybrid solutions, you can more effectively manage your capacity and network traffic, giving your users a much better experience.  In the world of cloud services, it takes real skill and expertise to bring together networked resources and managed services for the benefit of your users and customers. We give you the choice and flexibility to access the cloud services you need.

Cloud-based communication and collaboration subscription services, anytime, anywhere

Our One Cloud Microsoft solutions give you great quality voice, presence, instant messaging and conferencing by guaranteeing the bandwidth and stability you need for Skype for Business, Office 365 and Teams. People want the freedom to work when and where they can be most productive and our Mobile Device Management solutions can be used to provide additional controls for Microsoft mobile clients and hybrid environments, while ensuring security of your network, applications and devices.

Our Dynamic Network Services with Microsoft Azure

We provide a gateway between our dynamic network services and Microsoft Azure cloud platform using Microsoft ExpressRoute. This means you can bypass the public internet when connecting to Azure, by going through a private connection, offering you more reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies, and higher security than typical internet connections. And we can help you transition your business towards cloud and managing your Azure environment too.

Why BT and Microsoft

Having the right infrastructure in place isn’t just about weaving together the diverse networks and tools that run your applications. It’s about having the know-how to make it all work together seamlessly. We’re one of Microsoft’s leading cloud acceleration partners and can help you make the most of your digital transformation journey. 

  • We were one of the first operators to enable the Microsoft Cloud
  • We’re a leading cloud acceleration partner for voice services
  • We were one of the first partners outside the USA to provide customers with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
  • We were one of the first partners globally to provide Microsoft unified communications as a private cloud service
  • We have a strong heritage of innovation leading to a number of communications “firsts”
  • We’ve adopted Microsoft solutions in more than 170 countries.