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Our response to COVID-19

We have the solution.

COVID19 has proven that the remote workforce is extremely capable. Longer term, we anticipate some form of hybrid workforce will prevail requiring solutions that are secure and enhance collaboration.

We harness the global reach of our parent, BT Group plc, to meet the challenges of COVID-19 by providing remote and hybrid workforces with solutions for secure network infrastructure, enhanced collaboration and optimum performance.”
Justin Castillo Chief Operating Officer, BT Federal


The Log4J industry wide vulnerability

BT is aware of the announced vulnerability relating to the Apache Log4j logging library, which is impacting organisations across the globe and continues to rapidly evolve.

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We provide a full portfolio of services.

Audio/Video Conferencing and Voice Headsets

To support an efficient remote workforce, the right audio/visual connectivity tools offer the best experience for customers. Our collaboration tools enhance productivity and optimize seamless customer facing communications.

Secure Access for a Remote Workforce

With the rapid shift across federal, state and local governments to teleworking, the security of users and data should be a primary concern. Our Secure Web Gateway and Secure Continuity solutions deliver a security stack from the cloud, decoupling assets from direct IP and VPN connectivity eliminating cost and complexity, improving user performance and increasing system security.

IP Address Monitoring and Management

In our current environment, a disseminated workforce with more than 5000 devices or IP addresses may be cumbersome to manage. That’s why our IPAM solutions track and monitor DHCP/DNS and IP addresses, subnets, blocks, VLANs, etc.

Protection Against Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks

As federal, state and local governments transition to a teleworking model, the demand on best effort internet services and the vulnerability of DDoS attacks increases significantly.  These attacks threaten network performance during audio and video conferencing and critical collaboration discussions.  Our cloud solution delivers an integrated, on-demand service with comprehensive protection from modern, high-volume DDoS attacks targeting bandwidth, and attacks targeting applications and infrastructure, as well as concurrent, multi-vector attacks.

Security and Worldwide Bandwidth

Expand an international remote workforce with global connectivity solutions. Innovative solutions and partnerships provide secure, efficient, and flexible communications across the globe.

Customized Solutions for Business

Our customers need support in a rapidly changing environment – more remote workers, increased reliance on cloud services, enhanced secure premise based appliance support and more.  Our knowledgeable, flexible Network Operations staff can provide technology or staff augmentation for your existing solutions, help operate and enhance front office systems, or stand up complete and custom Service Management solutions to meet requirements in a rapidly changing environment to ensure continuity of business operations.

BT Federal offers software defined wide area network solution that simplify and streamline the management and operation of your network environment by decoupling hardware. This results in centralized management, visibility across the entire enterprise and increased bandwidth at reduced costs.

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