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Secure your business from network to cloud

Know where your data is and how best to protect it.

Our approach 

You’re looking to secure your internet breakouts to different branches or headquarters, or to protect your data centres, or use cloud collaboration services. 

What if you could do all of this with one broad portfolio of managed security services? 

Our approach makes sure that your journey to third-party cloud services is secure through a complete set of network security services, including next generation firewalls and intrusion prevention solutions. And we’ve pre-provisioned our IP Connect Global connections to third party cloud providers with built-in security services. 

If you’re already a network customer, it means less redesign, less change, quicker deployment, greater flexibility and more security with your existing network. And your data is secured as it travels from the internet breakouts to the endpoints using our cloud-based web filtering service. It also enforces your policies on web and internet use for all your mobile and remote users.

BT has now modularized its Cyber Security Platform to speed up delivery times and reduce costs for customers. It has also expanded its threat monitoring portfolio to include Managed SIEM and Cloud SIEM - a Qradar-based offering hosted in AWS.”

John Marcus
John Marcus, GlobalData, Managed Security Product Assessment, December 2018