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Boost your contact centre with unified comms

Discover how collaboration can bring more success to your customer care.


You want to integrate your collaboration services with your contact centre technology to create more operational success and greater customer satisfaction.

What if you could integrate your unified comms and contact centre platforms into a simple single interface, to deliver a more personalised, effective, and efficient customer experience?

Your agents could instant-message their colleagues, supervisors, and other business units to ask questions or potentially loop them into the call without having to place customers on hold or transfer them.

You could also extend screen-sharing or remote-control capabilities to guide your customers step-by-step through complex scenarios rather than having to talk them through the process.

We have a range of products that can help you extend your customer care beyond the walls of your contact centre.

Featured products

Our cloud-based voice and collaboration platform gives you voice, instant messaging and presence, video and desktop sharing on a pay-per-user, per month basis.

We can offer you:  

  • a single global price including user, shared connectivity to the platform and centralised PSTN breakout
  • self-service administration though My Account and fast, accurate deployment with our Bulk Load Tool
  • the ability to quickly add other applications, such as Cisco Spark
  • data centres around the world – dual data centres, geographically separated in North America, UK and Asia Pacific managing over 200,000 users
  • security and compliance capabilities that meet ISO27001 standards.

A scalable, multichannel contact centre allowing you to scale the number of agents you need quickly, while only paying for what you use on a per agent, per month basis.

Cloud Contact Cisco is built to handle large volumes of customer interactions but it’s also flexible enough to get you started quickly with only 50 agents through a single, easy-to-use multimedia interface.

Network your back-office experts into the front office environment so that your customers with complex needs are directed to the people best suited to deal with them.

We make it easy to have your contact centre in the cloud, making your organisation more customer-focused.

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How your customers feel about you depends on how their experience of you matches their expectations.

Our consulting experts can review your contact centre operations to evaluate the effectiveness of your tools and technologies, your agent productivity, your key performance metrics and your internal processes. We spot gaps between your business goals and operations, help you deliver a more efficient customer experience and help you get the most from your current investments.

By working with us, you get a transformation roadmap that will make it easy for your customers to reach you, while optimising your operations to reduce costs and boost agent productivity.

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