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Ensure data and regulatory compliance

Avoid putting your brand, consumer confidence and business continuity at risk.


As the digital world continues to grow, traditional security perimeters are shifting.

Critical and personal data has become more widely distributed and is more at risk to cyber threats.  

You need to make sure every process, application, and area of your infrastructure revolves around the protection of privacy. This means reviewing your security controls and processes, and using a structured roadmap with a combination of detective, preventative, proactive and reactive security measures. 

We can offer you complete end-to-end protection, or short-term engagements to support you at any point along your compliance journey. Our managed security services can also help you address any specific security gaps. 

This means you’ll be better equipped to comply with new regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR). And it’s just as well, as any compliance breach of the GDPR will not only cost your business a fine of up to four per cent of your global annual turnover, it could also mean putting your brand, consumer confidence and business continuity on the line.

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If you’re rushing to deploy new technologies across your business, failing to address the security considerations of your transformation could land you on the wrong side of an ever-growing list of regulations.

We can:

  • help you evaluate your current adherence to regulations, so you can adopt a standardised data security process that ensures compliance across the board
  •  help you embed security risk management at each level of your business, so risks and threats are understood and appropriately managed throughout your organisation
  • help you gain a thorough understanding of how data moves around your network and build a strong foundation of trust with your customers, partners and shareholders.

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Diamond IP is our IP address management (IPAM) solution which streamlines management of your entire IPv4 and IPv6 address lifecycle across your premises, branch remote, private and public cloud domains. We offer software, hardware and virtual appliance (private and public) products, as well as managed IPAM services.

We facilitate multi-cloud IPAM with virtual appliances for AWS, Azure, Oracle VM, VMware, Hyper-V and others. And our cloud automation appliance dynamically automates the assignment and tracking of private and public cloud instance IP addresses and DNS names. Our DNS security products supplement your defense in depth security strategy at the DNS layer.

BT Managed Network Access Control (NAC)

The explosion in the number and type of devices connecting to your network, with emerging trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Internet of Things (IoT), Operational Technology (OT) and virtualised appliances, significantly expands your attack surface – but are invisible to most security products. In contrast, BT Managed Network Access Control (NAC) Security provides 100% device visibility across all IP endpoints as a foundation of your network security.

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