Blog · 21 Jun 2018

Risking it all for an internet only approach

How balancing a bold approach with a holistic view can make sure you end up with a dynamic network that can cope with future challenges.

Security Advisory Services

One of our global healthcare technology customers recently made some tough decisions about restructuring their business to increase their presence in the market.

They provide tools and technology to monitor health in real time which means the availability and integrity of data is a matter of life and death. Brand image and the extent to which users trust the company with data are fundamentally important.

They hoped that the latest software-defined technology would deliver the significant cost savings, agility and security they needed to thrive. To achieve those savings they wanted to take out some of their legacy MPLS structure and replace it with internet.

But there’s a balance to be struck.

Risks versus rewards

A software- and data-driven business requires an infrastructure that has the flexibility, agility and reliability to scale up and down where and when you need it, including connecting quickly to new sites or locations, even temporarily, in a secure way.

In the case of this customer, we ran through a range of scenarios looking at the applications appropriate for internet access, and exactly how the company would need to use its data centres and the cloud. By orientating everything purely around the technology, two significant risks emerged — compliance and security, as well as reduced performance and reliability.

Security that enables your business to thrive

Adopting more software driven, dynamic network environments can help you stay compliant with those regulations relevant for your business, for example through better analytics, the ability to implement changes across your estate and the ability to manage compliance on a global scale. In the end it’s all about how you manage your data.

So as you translate your business priorities into a security strategy, here are three questions to help security be an enabler rather than a hindrance:

  1. How do I ensure the right people have access to the right data when and where they want it?
  2. How do I manage data in a way that customers trust and helps me stand out from the crowd?
  3. How do I ensure I manage my data in a way that I am compliant?

Creating a healthy future

In the end the customer decided to go for a hybrid network infrastructure model, reaping the benefits of software defined networking with MPLS and internet in a way that enables business and support compliance requirements at an affordable cost. This model also offers better performance and service levels.

What this shows is the importance of balancing a bold approach with a holistic view to make sure you end up with a dynamic network that can cope with future challenges down the road. Building in security by design avoids costly and difficult later fixes, and future proofs your network.

Have you truly considered the rewards of the cloud for your organisation? And more importantly, what about the risks? Find out how you can balance the risks and reward of the cloud.