Application performance

Create a superior network experience for your customers with visibility, insight and performance monitoring of your digital applications from BT.


Why application performance matters?

Create the right network experience with application performance that stands out.

As more networks, devices, users and clouds are added to your organisation, it’s more difficult to paint a single and complete picture of how your IT is working. Where does your network need some fine-tuning, and where does it need an overhaul?

And without these questions answered, you’ll be in the dark with regards to application performance and in the digital world that could be holding you back. Internally and externally, the digital experience you get from your network says more and more about you.

Our application performance management (APM) includes a range of visibility and acceleration services that can ease the complexity of multi-vendor, multi-cloud architectures and put you back in control of the digital experience you give your customers and end-users.

With application performance from BT, you’ll get:

  • full visibility and insight across all the applications in your network
  • detailed end-user experience to show complex understanding from a user perspective
  • client-based SaaS acceleration service for faster and efficient collaboration
  • consumable per license or user prices.

In a competitive world, can you afford to give less?

How our application performance services can help

For global businesses operating across the world, it’s about the partner you choose and their ability to support your business aim and goals:

Our partners like Riverbed, Cisco (AppD and ThousandEyes) bring the technology, offering software and cloud-based solutions, and we’ll implement and manage the experience with you on flexible commercial models.  Using our experts to make sure your infrastructure is ready for your next business challenge.

We provide:

  • Support – using the right service with the right credentials for the job, adding overlay orchestration and automated learning to resolve issues proactively.
  • Partnerships – we’re using vendors that we’ve worked with for years, so we have excellent supplier relationships and extensive experience.
  • Expertise – with experience come expertise. We design, build and deliver solutions to some of the world’s largest multinationals, and we have to get them right.
  • Choice and control – for us, choice is everything. That’s why our services are flexible and customisable to your business needs.
  • Management – we continually develop our managed offers so that you get the service you need to complement the skills you have. And if something does go wrong, you’ll have quick access to the support needed to get it fixed.

Our application performance products

Major outages create headlines but routine technical outages and thousands upon thousands of other micro-outages happen on a daily basis and can present enterprises with significant brand and operational risks”

Craig Vario
Global head of channels, Cisco ThousandEyes.