Secure your hybrid cloud

Secure your data and remain compliant as you migrate services to the cloud.

Our approach 

You want a dynamic, multi-cloud hybrid environment that delivers you agility, innovation and cost savings at scale.

But from a security perspective a hybrid environment makes it harder to see where your data is, who has access to it, and how it’s being protected.  Ultimately you are still responsible for the security of your data in the cloud.

If you’re using more than one cloud provider, it’s difficult to create standard security policies that can be applied across both your on-premises and cloud environments and there are so many options that it’s easy to overlook critical security functions or accidentally misconfigure a service.

What if you could treat your cloud infrastructure like your own? Manage risk and meet compliance requirements regardless of provider?

We have direct network interconnections with the main cloud providers and have embedded security controls directly into our network, helping reduce costs. We’ll make sure your services are always set up to protect you against the latest threats and you’ll be able to clearly see how everything knits together, including your on-premises, SaaS or IaaS services.

Our global reach allows us to support you wherever you are in the world, giving you a choice of cloud services without introducing risk into your business.