Blog · 10 Mar 2022

Customers want the impossible – why shouldn’t you give it to them?

Consistently exceeding your customers’ expectations in voice services and contact centres is a growth opportunity for telecom resellers and system integrators.

Alessandro Adriani
Director, Global Systems Integrators and Telecom Service Providers, BT

Consumers’ service expectations are so high now that one bad experience can see them cut a company permanently out of their lives.

Every time a consumer reaches out to companies like your customers, it’s a test and, if that consumer doesn’t get the response they want, there’s a very real risk they’ll walk away for good. Plus, transaction costs are so low that they can instantly switch to a competitor.

Consumers want easy interactions in an instant. They feel that’s a reasonable ask, so have no tolerance when they don’t get the smooth and swift experience they expect. They have no sympathy with the struggles this may create for the company behind the scenes.

Are your customers asking for the impossible?

System integrators have customers crying out for ways to help their consumers connect from anywhere in the world, using any access method, instantly and seamlessly. Your customers want to bring together their contact centres in different countries to work as one efficient mechanism to deliver the best user experience possible. And they want to be able to roll out their inbound voice solution across the globe, swiftly, easily and cost-effectively. But can system integrators put such a solution together?

And when it comes to telecoms resellers, because their voice network offering is limited to a specific geography, they’re struggling to provide the global inbound voice solutions their local customers are asking for – let alone the excellent end-user experience consumers demand. As a result, customers are looking elsewhere for answers – often to digital channels, which is hitting telecoms resellers’ share of wallet. How can they change this?

A cohesive approach to global inbound contact is essential

System integrators and telecoms resellers like you must find a way to deliver global inbound voice for your customers in a way that meets the sky-high consumer demands for an outstanding experience.

It starts with a solution that unites disparate call centre sites around the globe into a single, virtual operation. This is the key to making sure no call ever goes unanswered, by pooling resources and using centralised intelligent routing to direct the call to the most appropriate agent. Into this mix you must add options for callers to self-serve and get an immediate response to simple enquires.

Incorporating web Real-Time Communications (RTC) is another important aspect of providing that instant, accurate contact consumers are looking for. Web RTC lets audio communication work inside web pages, cutting out the need to install plugins or download native applications. In practice, this means consumers can start a call with an agent with just one click on a website or one tap of a button on a mobile app, keeping their interactions swift and smooth.

A great call experience is nothing if it’s not secure

It’s critically important to help your customers keep callers secure and protected from fraud – but with $56 billion lost globally to identity fraud in 2020 alone, it’s a tough challenge. As part of a cohesive package for global inbound voice customers, cutting-edge ‘passive’ biometric voice authentication capabilities are critical. They monitor the entire dialogue of a call and analyse speech patterns, noting commonly used phrases specific to an individual. This kind of authentication is much harder to fake, and it also boosts the consumer experience, too, because a caller doesn’t have to ‘waste’ time repeating a specific phrase.

Including security products that can identify suspicious behaviour to help detect fraud, based on unusual consumer behaviour patterns, adds a valuable layer of protection. This involves taking a variety of characteristics from a call and comparing them against a database of known fraudsters. Comparing call characteristics in real-time immediately flags a risk score for suspected fraudulent activity.

Helping you deliver for your customers

Our Inbound Contact Global solution is specifically designed to let consumers connect to companies from anywhere in the world, quickly and easily. It’s a vital part of helping your customers deliver an outstanding experience that keeps their consumers happy and loyal.

We specialise in integrating inbound voice solutions for system integrators and telecoms resellers like you, acting as a one-stop-shop for cohesive services that bring together global voice and web RTC with biometrics that speed up identification and prevent fraud. And, because we’ve already deployed and pre-integrated all the necessary components globally with network and security functionality, our solution accelerates time-to-market and holds down costs. Offering a total contact strategy, that delivers efficiency savings, and is a highly effective way for our channel partners to protect and grow revenue.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can unlock these possibilities, please speak to your account manager.