Blog · 04 Feb 2022

Why now is the time to focus on delivering enterprise global voice

As the world moves in to a new ‘normal’, Global SIP can help telecom resellers and system integrators support the international voice connectivity needs of enterprise customers.

Senior Manager, Global Voice Solutions, BT

Last year was a time of significant change in the enterprise voice market, which put pressure on telecom resellers and system integrators to come up with innovative answers.

And while for many of your customers, these changes were seen as temporary measures until things returned back to ‘normal’, it’s clear that nothing will be the same again, and for good reason.

Organisations that were quick to adopt new innovative technology to support remote working, have quickly come to realise that a lot of positives have come to light. The pandemic saw the technology sector being catapulted into making changes quicker than planned, and the 2025 switch-off date for legacy PSTN and ISDN networks was effectively brought forward.

While IP voice services rapidly became an important and urgent requirement to keep remote workers connected, collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom, were being quickly adopted. However, the question still remains whether these apps are the long-term voice route, or would they be better working with a service provider that can support them and connect people globally?

Now more than ever, organisations are looking to their telecoms resellers and system integrators to help them determine their long-term voice strategy. They want their partners to take the lead, showing them smart and cost-effective solutions with longevity, that will keep them safely connected globally.

With more and more organisation embedding a remote way of working, and as a result opening opportunities globally, how can resellers and system integrators best support enterprises in the global voice space?

Have you thought about offering global SIP? 

Offering a SIP solution that sends international, public and on-net traffic across existing data networks can unlock typical savings of around 25% for organisations. Routing voice and video via the internet reduces costs and more savings can come from replacing legacy technology and losing the associated maintenance costs.

A SIP solution offers all the core functionality of traditional voice services and opens the door to a range of advanced features. It’s an ideal way to connect a new office in another country with voice services, and it integrates effectively with unified communications and cloud strategies.

When it comes to delivering the high-quality voice service that underpins a great customer experience, SIP is particularly critical to making sure large-scale collaboration tool deployments are a success.

And with cyberattacks on organisations dramatically increasing during the pandemic, we understand that compliance and security support is even more critical, so we’ve built them into our solution. We’ve worked through the compliance aspects of every country, so you don’t have to, and have embedded the enterprise grade security we use to protect all our internet connectivity.

Our partnership approach is flexible. We can help you expand the coverage you offer outside your home country, or we can be a more visible partner, working alongside you to serve your customer.

To find out more about One Voice Global SIP, please get in touch with your account manager.