Network access control (NAC) solutions

Continually discover, classify, and assess devices to gain complete situational awareness and manage risk.


What is Network Access Control (NAC)?

A level of visibility that will transform your network security.

The explosion in the number and type of devices connecting to your network, with emerging trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Internet of Things (IoT), Operational Technology (OT), and virtualised appliances, significantly expands your attack surface – but are invisible to most security products. Network Access Control (NAC) security provides 100% device visibility across all IP endpoints as a foundation of your network security.

Managed NAC solutions from BT are designed to protect you from risks such as:

  • rogue devices – our services can detect all devices connecting to your network and identify what and where they are
  • malware and botnets – we’ll help you identify and categorise endpoints and assess and report on their security status
  • device non-compliance – our service can scan all devices connecting to your network and identify instances of non-compliance.

Managed NAC Security

What is Managed NAC Security?

Managed NAC Security is a comprehensive solution to see, categorise and control all devices connecting to your network in real-time.

Features include:  

  • real-time visibility – discover all managed and unmanaged devices and categorise them in real-time as they connect to your network
  • device control – control network access and enforce segmentation policies to reduce lateral movement
  • managed deployment – get controlled deployment through accredited experts and project management by us.

Why choose managed NAC solutions with BT?

It’s not just the solution that makes the difference, but who you choose to partner with. Why choose us for NAC solutions?

  • We’re truly global – we have 3,000 security experts and 16 security operations centres across the world.
  • We’re experienced – our experts perform the centralised monitoring and management of your service around the world, around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • We’re accredited – we’ve invested significantly in expertise, accreditation, and training to  future-proof your investment and maximise your protection.