Libere el poder del servicio Webex Meetings

Permita que sus empleados colaboren de forma más rápida y flexible.

Descripción general

No se pueden hacer negocios sin reuniones. Por eso necesita poder reunir a diferentes equipos de forma fácil, fiable y segura, independientemente del lugar del mundo en el que se encuentren y de los dispositivos que usen. 

También quiere poder programar y gestionar las reuniones de manera efectiva y que los participantes tengan todas las herramientas que necesitan para colaborar de forma rápida y sin problemas.

¿Y si pudiera tener acceso totalmente gestionado y en la nube a la plataforma Webex de Cisco, compartiendo vídeo, documentos, aplicaciones y pantalla, con funciones de pizarra, grabación y anotación? ¿Y si además se integra fácilmente con las herramientas de productividad de Microsoft, Google, etc., de forma segura y fiable desde cualquier dispositivo?

Ofrecemos un servicio completo para todas las licencias Webex Meeting, desde la migración gestionada hasta la adopción y el soporte, para que sus empleados puedan usar la solución con confianza desde el primer día. Ofrecemos la funcionalidad avanzada que necesita para ayudar a sus equipos a colaborar de forma más efectiva.

Featured products

Webex Meetings is a single solution that makes it simple and easy for all your users to join meetings globally, from any location, on any device.

It helps provide a better meeting experience, with a hi-quality, cost-effective solution for mobile, desktop and video rooms.  All working together.

You get:

Simple and smart meetings

  • benefits of cost savings from using just one meetings solution and on-net calls
  • a simpler and better user experience to help change behaviour
  • increased productivity by making it simpler and easier to get stuff done.

From every meeting space

  • sweat the investments you’ve already made and drive a ROI of your video estate
  • supported workforce using video with none of the management headache
  • more productive meetings, quicker decision making and less travel and disruption.

New opportunities

  • by connecting with contacts outside your organisation quickly and easily, giving them the best collaboration options.
  • collaborating with external contacts over video with a range of easy to use, secure controls and features
  • through quality meetings while minimising costs by keeping calls on-net, if you have a BT network.

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One user adoption solution makes sure your employees embrace your collaboration solutions. With our proven methodology we’ve helped organisations achieve up to 80 per cent user adoption levels within four months.

Through awareness, coaching and education, we show how collaboration will dramatically improve your staff's working lives.

Recognising your environment, audience and what you want the technology to deliver, we work with you to build and execute your tailored plan.

It can be tough to change the systems and habits your employees use to get their jobs done, but with the right communications, information, training and support, it can happen quickly and seamlessly.

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Productos destacados

What is Webex Meetings?

Simple, smart meetings that put everyone in the picture

Webex Meetings enables simple collaboration within your organisation. Providing a first-class meeting experience regardless of device or location – with crisp, clear audio and video. The Webex app allows your people to chat, share documents and leverage intelligent features such as AI-powered notetaking. The app provides deep integrations with other tools such as Salesforce to increase your people’s productivity.

Our solution offers expert support in deploying and managing Webex Meetings in-life. Reducing complexity and risk for your organisation, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

With Webex Calling, you can take advantage of advanced calling features and our global voice network to provide a cloud-based phone system that uses the same Webex app.

How does Webex Meetings work?

Powerful virtual meetings delivered, managed and supported by us

We can integrate Webex Meetings integrates with your existing technology, putting advanced, secure controls and more functionality at your fingertips.

We’ve invested to make delivery simpler, with our experts managing each step of the deployment. Starting by working with you to understand your current technology landscape and create a roll out plan. Our experienced project managers execute the plan with support from our technical designers, at a pace that suits your organisation.

We know the challenges of adopting a new technology. That’s why you’ll have the help of our user adoption specialists who are committed to creating a seamless transition for your people.

It doesn’t stop at deployment. Whether you take a phased or big bang approach to the rollout, our managed service will support you throughout.

Webex Meetings features:

Webex Meetings with BT, key features:

  • Intelligent collaboration – Webex utilises advanced features powered by AI and deep integrations with other productivity tools.
  • Cloud-native - reduce complexity and expenditure while speeding up deployment of new features.
  • Incident management – our teams monitor the solution and proactively resolve incidents before you feel the effects.
  • Global end-user helpdesk – available for any questions and issues.
  • Automatic updates – the latest features and technology rolled out to you automatically.

Webex Meetings benefits

The benefits your organisation can get from Webex Meetings with BT:

  • Experience – a comprehensive managed service which ensures a simple, yet brilliant meeting experience.
  • Choice – with a choice of connectivity and our world-leading voice network to provide extended reach.
  • Reduced costs – more productive meetings for quicker decision making with less travel and disruption.
  • Connect outside your organisation – connect with contacts outside your organisation quickly and easily, giving them options that best suit them.
  • Security – it’s in our DNA, and our meetings solutions are no exception. Webex Meetings with BT gives you all the benefits of Webex, verified by our Security experts.

Why choose Webex Meetings with BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose Webex Meetings with BT?

  • A wealth of transformation experience – from setup through to deployment and beyond, we’ve been transforming customers with Cisco solutions for decades.  Giving us the experience to ensure a smooth transformation for your organisation.
  • Commercial flexibility – we offer scalable and flexible commercial terms including in-country billing.
  • User adoption services – with our experienced user adoption teams, you’ll reach your desired outcomes faster. Without the end-user frustration.
  • Leading Cisco partner – For over 30 years we’ve combined Cisco’s innovations with our global reach and transformation solutions. Our joint success has come by focusing on your big picture and tailoring solutions to your exact situation.

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Want to know more?

Get in contact with one of our experts to discuss your needs

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