Binita Jilka

Head of digital workplace user adoption

Binita is the lead for our user adoption service globally.

Binita has over ten years’ experience working with global organisations to help them successfully rollout new collaboration tools by focusing on their people readiness.

She has a proven track record in ensuring organisations achieve a better user experience and faster business results from their investment – while at the same time mitigating the risk from shadow IT.

Binita is an expert on the latest Cisco, Microsoft and Zoom collaboration technology, a qualified Customer Success Specialist, and a Chartered Marketer. She’s helped many organisations migrate from on-prem to cloud solutions as well as streamline and drive maximum usage of their existing services.

She leads our global team of specialists and is responsible for continuously developing our user adoption methodology to support our customers on their hybrid workplace journey. She works very closely with our partners Cisco, Microsoft and Zoom to ensure we have insight into new configurations and help tools they’re investing in. This helps us build enhanced support for our customers.