Blog · 23 Nov 2018

Encourage an open ethos to secure your organisation

Listen to Tech Talk’s latest podcast to hear more from our CISO public sector, Hugh Tatton-Brown.

Hugh Tatton-Brown
CISO public sector, BT

Our CISO public sector, Hugh Tatton-Brown, joins Tech Talk’s recent podcast to discuss the current state of the security landscape and looks at what steps members of the C-suite should be taking to secure their organisations.

He  stresses that CIOs need to encourage proactive and open behaviour and not berate employees when they then find system failures. The ethos should be to support and educate in order to grow and secure.

Listen to the podcast to hear more about:

  • How public perception is changing the responses of enterprise organisations to cybersecurity threats
  • Why technology is only part of the solution to security threats
  • How the push to take security seriously within an organisation is often driven by personality not role
  • Why organisations should start thinking of their suppliers as partners in order to share the risk.