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Managed Azure Sentinel

Quickly get to the heart of any security threats to your business with Managed Azure Sentinel.

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Category Cloud infrastructure

What is Managed Azure Sentinel?

Cut through the noise and quickly get to the heart of any security threats.

The need for scalability and flexibility is inspiring more and more organisations to move to the cloud, and that means thinking about security in a new way. Networks don’t sleep, and cybercriminals don’t clock off at five, so continuous security monitoring isn’t a choice.

Managed Azure Sentinel is a solution that allows you to free up your security team and get a global community of security experts on your frontline to orchestrate, monitor, and defend your business around the clock. It collects data from all your applications and devices so you can quickly spot suspicious behaviour and eliminate threats.

Our global Security Operations Centres (SOCs) monitor networks 24 / 7 every day of the year, and our team has extensive experience supporting large customer environments. You’ll be able to tap into their skills and get contextualised and actionable data that’s ready to use.

Why invest in Managed Azure Sentinel?

A security guard that takes cloud control to a higher level.

Our Managed Azure Sentinel solution combines intelligence from trusted third parties with our own privileged knowledge to identify threats based on adversary, industry, and vertical analysis – and their relevance to you.

Our Security Advisory Services provide expert guidance to navigate today’s complex cybersecurity landscape, and we’ve developed the Threat Prioritisation Framework (TPF) to identify prioritised risks relevant to your business.

The solution is fully managed, which means we’ll handle everything from deployment and configuration to maintenance and continuous improvement. You’ll also get triage, investigation, and threat response from trained and skilled SOC analysis, so you don’t have to worry about building and maintaining your own SOC infrastructure.

Managed Azure Sentinel features

We’re committed to delivering the best SIEM solutions on the market. Managed Azure Sentinel features include:

  • a customised client dashboard - allowing you to interpret your data and make informed decisions
  • a Threat Prioritisation Framework - to identify prioritised risks and generate a threat map specific to your organisation
  • access to our Security Advisory Services - giving you expert guidance to navigate today’s complex threat landscape
  • 24 / 7 / 365 support - with a global community of security experts working to monitor and defend your organisation.

Managed Azure Sentinel benefits:

How can Managed Azure Sentinel  benefit your business?

  • Tune and optimise your Microsoft Azure Sentinel environment
  • Get user case assessment with rules written in accordance with your technology and architecture
  • Access a customised client dashboard to help you interpret your data for informed decision making
  • Build and tune alert scenarios to make sure there are minimal false positives and focus on real threats
  • Get expert analysis of your risk and threat landscape, with continuous improvement to your security posture
  • Make onboarding log sources and data easy with our security expertise and wealth of knowledge.

Why choose Microsoft Azure Sentinel from BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose Microsoft Azure Sentinel from BT?

  • Get proactive experts on hand – our experienced SOC analysts will monitor your Microsoft Sentinel workspace around the clock, giving you the information you need to respond to threats proactively
  • Take advantage of our global experience – we have years of experience protecting both ourselves and the largest global organisations from a myriad of security threats, and we’ll use this experience to protect your business too
  • Tap into our technical expertise – we can provide you with technical consultants on an “as needed” basis, complementing your in-house skills and providing expertise to optimise the performance of your solution
  • Benefit from a network of specialists – we’ve taken a strategic approach to make sure we deepen and expand our relationships with partners that complement our capabilities – all to provide you with the best solutions we can.