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We’re now used to powerful collaboration applications that let us check someone’s availability, move from a message to a call and then start sharing content or use video.

But you’ve not been able to use them on your trading floor until now if your systems have been implemented as standalone silos of technology.

What if your traders could collaborate more effectively – among themselves and your clients and counterparties?  

You want your traders to identify new opportunities, provide the best service to your clients and drive revenue.

We can help your users easily see one another’s presence, message or intercom each other, join shared private wires, listen to hoots, share desktops and video-chat – all via a range of devices and apps. This makes switching between different types of communication frictionless, so your teams can handle more clients, gain better insight and improve compliance. 


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Through Unified Trading, we can offer you:

  • Multi-channel communication – so your trading teams can communicate with clients, counterparties and colleagues using a blend of speech, video and messaging from the broadest range of fixed and mobile devices and applications
  • Flexibility – flexible deployment options so you can integrate your enterprise systems with your trading floor IT and combine cloud with on-premise solutions in the best way for you
  • Community collaboration – across our Radianz Cloud
  • Compliance - helping you respond to legal holds and regulatory investigations more effectively with proactive surveillance. 

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