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Look again at how partnerships can help secure your customers’ network

An experienced partner can help differentiate your offer

  • Online
  • 2 Dic 2021
  • 13:00 Reino Unido

Multinational businesses are struggling to keep their digital infrastructure safe from cyberattacks. A lack of understanding of the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape means attacks go unnoticed or reactions are inappropriate.

The loss of the network perimeter as a result of the migration to the cloud, a rise in remote working and the increased sophistication of cyber criminals mean your customers are becoming increasingly more vulnerable as more devices connect to their network across multiple geographies.

The rapid pace of new and sophisticated cyberattacks makes it harder to detect and respond to threats quickly and efficiently. Working with an experienced partner like BT, with our global scale and security expertise, can help you secure your customers digital infrastructure, differentiating you and your services.

Watch our webinar held on Thursday 2 December at 13:00 UK time, as our experts discuss:

  • how the threat landscape is changing and why cyber hygiene is important
  • the challenges indirect channels face in offering robust security solutions to their customers
  • how to accelerate threat detection and response
  • how threat intelligence provides early visibility and context of potential cyberattacks against customers’ businesses
  • why your customers should consider outsourcing their firewall estate to a managed security service provider
  • the importance of working with a global partner like BT.


  • Hila Meller, VP security for Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa, BT
  • Natalie Walker, senior manager, managed security services, BT


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