Take a Zero Trust approach to security

Create a flexible and dynamic security policy to control your borderless estate.

Our approach 

As your business evolves to use more cloud services, remote working and BYOD you’re presented with new attack surfaces that need new security measures.

The traditional perimeter security model of ‘trusted inside’ versus ‘untrusted outside’ no longer exists.

It’s no longer easy to see which assets are corporately owned, and today’s distributed workforce makes it harder to know who ‘your’ employees really are.

Despite losing control and visibility of your estate, you can’t say no to new initiatives and must work out how to support your future business strategy.

What if your network was based on the premise of: trust no one; authenticate everything? Taking a data-centric approach to security would mean a dynamic, policy-driven model that changed in line with your attack surface.

We design network architecture where trust is never assumed, always verified and continuously monitored. The identity of devices, users, data, and assets are the new perimeters, so control is enforced as close to these as possible. 

You’ll be able to give your employees the freedom to work how they want, where they want, and on whatever device.