Noble Group

Noble Group: il trader di materie prime protegge in modo completo la sua rete globale.

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I servizi gestiti di BT aiutano Noble Group ad anticipare le minacce emergenti di cyber security

Managed services support key apps around the globe

Hong Kong-headquartered Noble Group has seen a period of organisational change, requiring significant realignment of its worldwide infrastructure. Inbuilt flexibility in its contract with BT has helped manage that upheaval.

BT played a pivotal role in helping manage the transition, and now assists Noble Group in maintaining the highest standards of network security. A comprehensive suite of BT services includes managed firewall, threat monitoring, and vulnerability assessment. Combined, this keeps vital intellectual property safe and business critical systems operational at all times.

Noble Group

Our challenge was to find a business partner that could safeguard our network in Asia and every other place we operate in around the world. BT had all the right credentials.”
- Shane Read, Chief Information Security Officer, Noble Group

Fast facts

  • Business runs on real-time online global trading, so network performance and security is vital.
  • Following business divestment, Noble needed a partner to manage a global network spanning four continents.
  • Solution includes a suite of BT Assure managed security technologies from vendors like Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto and Zscaler.
  • BT security operations centre provides 24*7 proactive monitoring and management.
  • Blend of proprietary technologies and human intelligence helps prevent network attacks and protects vital information.

Fully managed network.

A fully managed BT IP Connect Global network links the company’s Hong Kong headquarters to places such as Indonesia, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Mongolia, Switzerland, North and South America and London.

Application performance management to optimise performance.

BT Connect Intelligence Application Performance Management services help optimise the network and improve the performance of business critical processes.

LAN as well as WAN management.

BT LAN management services at key Noble Group global locations for Cisco switches and routers.

The highest security standards.

The BT Assure managed security services suite provided for Noble Group includes firewall, threat monitoring, and vulnerability assessment.

Security beyond the perimeter.

BT Assure Managed Cloud with Zscaler scans and filters every byte of network traffic between the Noble Group network and the public internet.

Collaboration technologies.

BT One Voice IP telephony services route voice traffic over the WAN, reducing the cost of international calls. BT One Collaborate services including BT Cisco WebEx®  and BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice boost collaboration possibilities worldwide.

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