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Offer a seamless omnichannel experience

You want to introduce new channels so your customers can choose how they get in touch with you, but you don’t want to add complexity or increase your costs.

Our approach

You want to reduce costs and stay connected to your customers by offering the widest choice of channels, including voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and webchat.

You also want to keep track of all these different channels and have your agents be able to easily switch between them, creating an integrated and seamless customer experience across multiple touchpoints, including voice, video and social media.

What if you could simplify your customer journeys and handle tasks more efficiently across any digital channel by automating conversations with bots? As well as make it easy to transfer to an agent while keeping the full interaction context?  Your agents could respond immediately or step in proactively if a transaction starts to go wrong.

We can help you understand your customer journey – from start to finish -  use the right technology at the right time to improve your customer engagement and provide your agents with a single desktop that shows all the conversations for any given customer. 

In the spirit of our key values, we were looking for a smart and simple solution that would impress our new clients, greet them in a personal way and leave them with the idea that we care about each and every single one of them.”

Gábina Pithartová
Brand & Customer Experience Division Director, Hello bank!