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Reduce my cost to serve

On-premise contact centres require long-term capital investment in infrastructure and can be an obstacle to cost efficiency and flexibility, but moving to the cloud can help.

Our approach

You want to reduce costs, boost sales and automate routine tasks within your contact centre. You want to be more flexible and have more features, but you’re worried about the complexity and expense of making the change.

If your solution needs capital investment in infrastructure, or significant resources for IT integration, management and support, you may find it challenging to demonstrate any ROI in the short-term (or even medium-term).

What if you could reduce your cost to serve by paying only for the services you use and the number of agents active at any one time? And what if you could this with no up-front capital expenditure or annual maintenance charges, regardless of usage?

Our cloud contact centre services let you align your costs with demand, as well as helping you optimise labour costs.

We provide a choice of easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact centres that help you deliver superior customer service at a lower cost. 

We can help you pilot new vendors, products and technologies without extensive research or commitment to huge investments, meaning you can quickly stand up new software to evaluate whether it works for you. If it’s promising, you can move to full-scale implementation with confidence. If not, you can remove it from your infrastructure with no long-term financial commitment.

With us, you can quickly bring agents online as you need them to handle peaks in demand or ad hoc campaigns – accessing the agent desktops from anywhere in the world on secure, reliable, and highly scalable infrastructure. All you need is a supported web browser and an internet connection.

Our global reach, coupled with access to smart analytics and workforce management technologies, means you can deliver your services in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

We can help you optimise your efficiency and agility. Our pre-vetted technology inventory means you can pilot new technologies risk-free, with no need for upfront resources or extensive research.

Our cloud-based contact hubs across the world give you a reliable, secure service at all times. And our flexible, usage-based licensing means you can dynamically regulate costs and make substantial savings.

The fact that cloud contact centres can flex down is just as important as it being able to flex up with demand increases. It means from a cost perspective, customers are having to bet on the future.”

Andrew Small
Digital solutions director