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Las ventajas de utilizar BT Global Services en casos de recuperación ante desastres


When disaster recovery is on your agenda, it pays to have BT Global Services on your side

You’re a major Asia Pacific bank, and regarded as a regional leader in internet and mobile banking. You’re also among the Forbes Fab 50, and your plans are all about expansion. However, lack of data centre capacity potentially limits your growth and poses a business continuity risk. What do you do?

Hermawan Thendean chose BT Advise to help design and implement a new BCA hot-standby disaster recovery data centre some 200 kilometres from its Jakarta headquarters. Hopefully it will never be used but, in the world’s most geologically active region, Hermawan knows it pays to take precautions.

BT Global Services was the most convincing of the worldwide IT companies that competed for our data centre management design contract.”
- Hermawan Thendean, General Manager, Strategic Information Technology Group, PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk.


Founded in 1957, PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk. (BCA) is the largest financial services company in Indonesia with nearly 900 domestic branch offices and over 7,500 ATM locations. Headquartered in Jakarta, the bank posted a nearly 28 per cent increase in profits in 2011. Meanwhile, a 23 per cent average return on capital for the last five years has propelled it into the Forbes Fab 50 list of the largest public companies in Asia Pacific.

Offering both personal and business products and services, BCA is regarded as a regional leader in banking and financial services technology. It provides customers with savings accounts, current accounts, credit cards, and car loans – and a choice of online banking, mobile banking, and 24/7 telephone banking through its Halo BCA service.

But BCA was facing twin problems. Business growth was stretching the capacity of its main and co-production Jakarta-based data centres, while there was a regulatory need to repatriate information held at a secondary data centre in Singapore.

Together, those pressures were placing us in a difficult situation where our data centre architecture would become insufficiently resilient for a bank of our high standing,” explains Hermawan Thendean, General Manager of the Strategic Information Technology Group at PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk.


The answer was to equip an entirely new data centre remote from Jakarta, offering the assurance of a separate fully-functioning back up should an event such as a natural disaster ever affect the bank’s ability to operate from its headquarters. However the tight timescales were another challenge, with the new data centre needing to be operational in the first quarter of 2013.

The key to success lay in finding a competent partner to design and implement the new facility.

We had engaged with many IT companies in the past,” continues Hermawan Thendean, “but this time, based on recommendations, BT Global Services was included in the list of suppliers invited to tender.”

The new data centre is to be incorporated into a six -storey BCA building being constructed in Surabaya, some 200 kilometres east of Jakarta. It will occupy 5,000 m2 of computing space with a further 2,000 m2 available for expansion. The intention is that the investment will have at least a 15-year lifespan. Following a detailed tendering process, BT Global Services Advise was chosen to provide the all-important professional services necessary to bring the new data centre into being.

Hermawan Thendean recalls: “Whereas other companies bombarded us with a load of marketing jargon, BT Global Services brought real people and proven processes to the table. They were able to convince us with actual solid examples of their work, especially in mission-critical environments.”

Bearing in mind the need for the facility to enjoy at least a 15-year lifespan, the BT Advise team ran extensive capacity modelling tests, which proved that the design would be future proof and have the necessary scalability.


With the implementation project under way, the BT Advise team is responsible for data centre design and integration, working in close liaison with architectural and construction services. Using best practice project management methodologies, the BT team will also co-ordinate vendors providing the computing, storage, and networking infrastructure as well as power, UPS, and air conditioning supplies and equipment.

The architecture adopts a leading-edge modular design with separate ecosystems for mainframe, online banking, and server-based applications.

Operating in hot-standby mode, with data mirrored in real time with Jakarta, the Surabaya data centre will be able to run full mission-critical transactional banking services for BCA. Typically such customer transactions number up to nine million per day.

Hermawan Thendean concludes: “We were particularly impressed by the BT professional services people and their practical approach to problem solving.”

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