Domiberia: Sabrosa tecnología de seguimiento de activos

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La integración con SAP mantiene en movimiento las líneas de producción de contenedores de alimentos

BT Trace assures farm-to-fork fidelity.

Today, trust in the food supply chain is paramount. The European food law framework engenders that trust. But it’s not just about safety. Consumers want to know where their food’s come from and where it’s been on the farm-to-fork journey. Easy enough with fresh produce, things gets harder when packaging and storage is involved.
Domiberia manufactures some 1.3 billion tin cans a year. Asset tracking means materials used to produce every single one are monitored, recorded and archived. Were the company ever asked, it could answer a production query in minutes. That’s almost never needed – but nice to know.
BT Trace provides that asset tracking functionality, while BT professional services keeps it running in harmony with other systems.


BT Trace helps Domiberia meet the European food traceability directive.”
- Jesus Unzueta, Chief Operating Officer, Domiberia.

Fast facts.

  • First BT Trace integration with SAP, involving 33 interfaces
  • Developed by BT offsite to offset disruption
  • Solution delivered by VPN for implementation
  • Full SAP integration with zero downtime achieved
  • BT support for three months after go-live date
  • Asset tracking for 97 types of packaging
  • Positive cash flow achieved within one year
  • An important step towards Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

Accurate, timely, actionable information.

Having global visibility and end-to-end inventory and asset management can help fulfil service and legislative obligations, strengthen the balance sheet and improve risk management. BT Trace is a portfolio of products leveraging industry leading IT and network technologies for innovative asset visibility solutions.

Ask the experts.

BT can provide a wide range of professional services and consultancy to help organisations improve operational effectiveness. BT professional services global consultancy teams come with in-depth expertise gained through 25-years’ experience of devising strategic technological solutions to meet specific business goals.

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