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Integración de las operaciones en los concesionarios gracias a una solución virtual


Italian Motor Village (IMV) is the official dealership of Fiat Group, one of the biggest industrial concerns in Italy. Among its many other businesses, Fiat designs and builds cars under the brands Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, and Abarth. The luxury sports car makers Ferrari and Maserati are also members of the group.

As part of a move to standardise systems across its dealer network, Fiat decided to roll out a new software package. Created by a specialist developer, this would integrate all concessionaire functions through a single online portal. The delivery date for the new system was fixed, having been linked to other milestones such as user training.

Nevertheless, an infrastructure offering high levels of quality and flexibility was required as a platform for the new system. Buying or renting new servers – and connecting and configuring them in short timescales – would be an expensive and challenging task. The IMV technical team turned to BT and asked whether it would be possible to set up the system in a virtual environment.


BT proposed On Demand Compute, a cloud-based virtual data centre solution. An enterprise-class hosted infrastructure, BT On Demand Compute enables customers to create and deploy their own virtual computing environments through a secure self-service portal.

Its pre-provisioned nature means that automated virtual data centre service delivery processes ensure maximum efficiency, while customers are offered monitoring and management tools. Meanwhile, the On Demand Compute infrastructure is self-healing and inherently resilient with 99.9 per cent availability. Furthermore, it offers total cost of ownership savings of up to 40 per cent compared to traditional approaches.


The BT On Demand Compute solution meant that IMV had a complete operational production platform up and running in a fraction of the time it would have taken using a traditional approach. “The experience has been very positive,” says Pablo Garcia, IMV Site Manager for Spain and Italy, “both in terms of the speed of deployment and also in being exactly what we needed.”

Other critical success factors were cost control and separation between the systems and the hardware platform. Pablo Garcia concludes: “The virtual model has given us a level of flexibility we could not have achieved with a dedicated infrastructure.”

Core Services

  • BT On Demand Compute virtual data centre solution, offering a cloud-based network, storage and computing services environment


Caso de éxito

Fiat IMV

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