Telepizza: Descubrimos la otra receta secreta de la empresa de pizzas a domicilio

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BT cloud lets Telepizza take almost unlimited orders without financing the infrastructure upfront

When a whole country’s calling your number

Few things get a Spaniard’s attention more than football. Around 12 million people – astonishingly, more than a quarter of the nation’s entire population – watched the 2016 Champions League. Other big games can pull in up to eight million viewers.

Lots watch at home. And as they settle down for the match, many reach for the phone to order a pizza. And the company they most often call is Telepizza, the largest non-US pizza delivery company in the world.

Telepizza says the secret of its success is in the dough. But as the pre-match orders pour in, a second vital ingredient helps Telepizza keep those huge numbers of customers satisfied. That other secret? A strong partnership with BT.


The BT cloud gives us the support and resources we need in times when orders are running high, while saving costs when demand tails off.”
- Emilio Tovar, CIO, Telepizza

Fast facts

  • Telepizza needed a provider capable of maintaining all global systems.
  • BT initially helped Telepizza move to a cloud-based Cisco Unified Communications architecture.
  • BT delivers Telepizza's core systems using Cisco Unified Computing System servers housed within redundant cloud data centres.
  • BT Cloud of Clouds allows Telepizza to merge private and public cloud services seamlessly.
  • Infrastructure offers 99.95% availability to support more than 1,300 Telepizza stores plus online sales across 15 countries.
  • Flexible pay-per-user service with a 33 per cent infrastructure cost saving over five years.

Moving easily and profitably into the cloud

BT has helped Telepizza move to a BT One Cloud Cisco Unified Communications architecture, featuring tools such as instant messaging and Cisco Jabber. This gives Telepizza extra flexibility in communications, while saving on costs through the use of IP-based traffic and cloud-based delivery.

Supporting worldwide operations

BT delivers Telepizza's core systems using Cisco Unified Computing System servers housed within redundant BT Compute cloud data centres in Madrid.

Managed security services

The Telepizza infrastructure includes BT Managed Firewall Security to safeguard the network perimeter and BT DDoS Security, enabling the business to protect itself against growing cyber threats.

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