The basics

We try to make sure that we can support users on the widest range of popular browsers and technologies, but to obtain the maximum benefit from this website we recommend using a browser listed below. We test our developments against these browsers. Although this website can still be accessed using other browsers the experience may be degraded:

 For desktop users (our classic site):

Internet Explorer: latest version plus the last 3 versions
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Safari: latest version
Chrome: latest version

• For mobile and tablet users (our mobile site):

The following user agents (browsers) will trigger the display of our mobile optimized version of the site: iPhone and iPod, Android, BlackBerry, NetFront, Silk-Accelerated, hpwOS, webOS, Fennec, Minimo, Opera Mobi, Opera Mini, Blazer, Dolfin, Dolphin, Skyfire and  Zune. (Note: Blackberry RIM tablet, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and Apple iPad users will be served the classic version of our site by default.)

All users can switch between classic and mobile versions of our site using the footer link if our default choice for your device is not appropriate. The exception would be within My Account where the display is optimized for your device on the main dashboard pages.

Adobe® downloads

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader and occasionally Adobe® Flash Player to view and print PDF files and to view certain parts of the site. You can find these by visiting the Adobe websites below:

Download the latest Adobe® Acrobat® Reader software
Download the latest Adobe® Flash Player software

For more information on BT’s accessibility policy, please visit our BT and accessibility site.