Secure telecommunications and IT for national defense.

BT Federal for Defense & Intelligence

Meeting the needs of the Defense and Intelligence community

Helping you to adapt to the ever-changing threats to national security

Every day, the world and the threats to national security change. You need to be able to adapt to these continuous challenges while improving your efficiency and effectiveness. We understand these key issues because we’re long-standing trusted partners of the DoD, NATO, and the UK MoD. We provide secure, resilient networking solutions to enable mission success.

Future-proofing bases and meeting the needs of service personnel

The operational efficiency of a military base relies heavily on its infrastructure, connectivity, site management, and security. See how we can help your bases meet today's operational and welfare needs, and prepare them for the future.

Protecting and defending against cyber threats

The US Government recognizes the danger of cyber warfare. The changing nature of war means cyber threats can come from anywhere, at any time. See how our global network presence and cyber security expertise provide the defensive depth needed to help protect your critical infrastructure and keep your operations safe.

Innovating for the future – gaining operational advantage together

Constant innovation is the only way to stay ahead of the challenges you face. With new theaters of operation, emerging threats, and shifting capabilities you need a trusted partner that can deliver flexible, advanced, and secure global telecommunications and networking. See how we can help you innovate and gain new insights to address your challenges.