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Delivering results across the healthcare sector

Enabling transformation through healthcare IT

The US public healthcare sector is changing. The Affordable Care Act is adding millions of new consumers to the market, which changes how healthcare is delivered and measured, and mandates the greater use of electronic health records and patient outcome tracking. The entire sector is under increasing pressure to control spiralling costs while improving service.  All of this is happening against the background of a growing and aging population with more complicated health conditions.

BT Federal works with federal healthcare providers, traditional providers, payer organizations, and healthcare IT suppliers. We can help you deliver better patient care at lower cost.  This includes enhancing healthcare IT to improve decision making, expand collaboration, adopt cloud services, and increase security. We can also support your compliance requirements, whether they are HIPAA, electronic health records, or Accountable Care Organization coordinated healthcare delivery.

Delivering higher-quality patient care at lower cost

With increasing demands on the public healthcare sector, organizations need to find ways to use today’s sophisticated mix of cloud, mobile, collaboration, and remote monitoring tools to improve patient services and increase cost effectiveness. See how we can help you deliver higher-quality patient care at lower cost >

Enabling your people wherever work takes them

If you give your people and teams the right tools – with access to the right data, where and when they need it most – you can increase their productivity and your service levels at the same time. See how we can help you meet the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce.

Improving lives through coordinated care services

As the population grows, ages, and lives with more chronic conditions, it is becoming critical to coordinate healthcare across the entire system. Access to a 360 degree view of patient information can reduce risks and deliver more effective care. See how we can help you connect professionals across organizations to successfully deliver coordinated care >

Managing long-term chronic conditions to avoid preventable hospital admissions

As the population ages, people have a higher chance of suffering from multiple chronic conditions. If these conditions aren't proactively managed, they can lead to unnecessary – and expensive – emergency room visits and hospital admissions, driving huge cost pressures throughout the system. See how we can help you manage conditions in patients' homes more effectively to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions >

Protecting patient data

As the amount of healthcare data explodes, with HIPAA compliance, electronic health records, medical images, collaboration tools, monitoring systems, and many others, healthcare IT networks and data centers need the bandwidth, resiliency, and security to deliver it all. See how we can help you manage and protect your valuable patient data and prevent security breaches >