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Improving patients’ lives

Finding ways to successfully deliver coordinated patient care

As the population grows, ages, and lives with more chronic conditions, it is vital to have a 360 view of these conditions and all of their different treatments to ensure treatment efficacy and avoid unintended treatment conflicts.

At the same time the Affordable Care Act is encouraging coordinated care, primarily by funding Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

We can help you:

  • create and deliver plans for integrated care.
    Our integrated solutions for health provide organizations with an integrated view of a patient’s care.
  • analyze and understand which groups are driving your healthcare costs, and how these compare nationally.
    Our integrated solutions for the healthcare sector provide organizations with a single view of a patient’s care across organizations, which helps care providers make better-informed decisions and improve patient care.
  • keep patients at home for longer by proactively monitoring and managing their health and wellbeing.
    See how Cornwall Council, Peninsula Community Health, and Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in the UK used our integrated telehealth and telecare services to help patients stay at home longer.
  • get an integrated view of the patient across the healthcare systems to drive improvements and efficiency in their care.
    Our integrated solutions help organizations across the public healthcare sector join up processes, securely share patient information, and increase collaboration.

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