Protecting patient data.

BT Federal for Healthcare IT

Defending healthcare infrastructure against cyber attacks

We can help protect your services, infrastructure, and patient data

As the amount of healthcare data explodes – including electronic health records, medical images, collaboration tools, monitoring systems, and many others – healthcare IT networks and data centers need the bandwidth and resiliency to deliver it all safely and securely.

On top of this, HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act mandate that patient data, such as electronic health records and other healthcare information, must be shared more across organizations to improve the speed and effectiveness of healthcare – but that data must be secure to protect patient privacy.

Take a look at how BT’s revolutionary real-time analytics can help you detect threats and protect patient data

We can help you:

  • create secure and robust applications and tools that improve healthcare delivery and patient results
  • protect your critical infrastructure and valuable patient data from multiple simultaneous cyber threats, keeping your operations and data safe
  • get an integrated view of threats across your entire IT and communications infrastructure
  • review actions and decisions made during an attack to improve future responses and protocol
  • diagnose and act on an attack faster
  • find and implement the best commercial off-the-shelf solutions or design and deliver a custom solution for you
  • boost your skills, capabilities, and capacity with our security-cleared experts.