Managing long-term chronic conditions to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

BT Federal for healthcare IT

Giving patients the tools to monitor and manage chronic conditions

Helping patients take control of their own healthcare

The best way to serve a patient with a chronic or multiple chronic conditions is to give them a suitable level of control to monitor and manage their illness. This will give them access to the right level of care and support at home, and the tools they need to avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

Cutting unplanned admissions greatly improves the patient's quality of life and can help hospital administrators manage resources more effectively. Demand becomes more predictable, services can be built to be more flexible and responsive, and unnecessary costs are avoided.


We can help you:

  • improve outcomes for patients, keeping them at home where possible
  • lower your cost base through timely and proactive interventions
  • use limited resources more efficiently
  • reduce unplanned hospital admissions
  • spend more quality time with patients when they need it most
  • give healthcare professions access to patient self-monitored data.